Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Wednesday Writing - work in progress

I am in the closing stages of the sequel to 'Wife for Three'. It took me a while to get going on this one. I wanted it to be about an older woman for a change and had a different heroine to begin with - but then I found I just didn't like her!!

So decided instead to use Emily - the owner of the bar in Frontier from 'Wife for Three', who offered sex to the young men in the area since the laws were so restrictive. At the moment it is entitled 'Chasing Emily' (but that might yet change!) as Emily fights hard to avoid losing her independence, even down to fleeing from those who want her to settle down - and this involves two younger men who are determined not to let her go. She has turned out to be a very feisty lady - possibility the feistiest I have written yet!

I will be submitting it to my publisher this week so watch this space to find out if they accept it as the second story in the Duoterra Series.


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