Monday, 30 July 2012

Inspirational Mondays - fan emails

I had my first fan email a couple of weeks ago – and then another one the week after! Both were commending me on ‘Submissive Training’ and were interestingly both from men. I say ‘interestingly’ because 95% of romance readers are said to be woman. However, I have never found a similar stat for erotic romances yet.

The first one said, just a note to say how much I enjoyed reading this novel. It was refreshing in style and content. As a guy in a straight up happy vanilla lifestyle a great release!!’ I will certainly be reading more in the series.

The second one stated, ‘I have just finished reading your book 'Submissive Training' and wanted to say thank you for such a great and informative read! Although I have an interest in alternative pleasures, the SM side never appealed to me until I read your book. Thank you so much Jennifer, you may have opened up a new world for me! I am halfway through your ' Challenge' story, which is equally enjoyable-I can't wait to read your other books! Please keep them coming, you have a great talent for writing stimulating tales!

Thanks to both of you. It is incredibly rewarding for a writer to have their work praised this way. It feels like all the hard work is worth it!


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