Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Wednesday Writing - publishers

Exciting news! I have had a book accepted by a new publisher - Evernight Publishing. It isn't that I am unhappy with my current one, Siren Publishing - indeed I am doing my current sci-fi series, Duoterra, through them and the second in that series 'Chasing Emily' has just been accepted for release in October, which is terrific news.

But I wanted to know, firstly if another publisher was as interested in my work - the answer is yes! But more importantly to gain a wider readership. In this instance it is a new BDSM series. Siren has one of my series of three BDSM books so I thought I would try another publisher for my book called 'Retraining the Sub'. And I am pleased to say that Evernight accepted the other day.

This is intended to be a two parter with the second one called 'Retraining the Dom'.

Watch this space for more information on both new books.

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