Monday, 9 July 2012

Inspirational Mondays

When my first book was accepted by Siren Publishing they gave me access to their Authors’ Forum. This is a terrific network of fellow Siren writers who answer queries, suggest ideas and generally support each other. I have made some good friends through them and several follow me on Blog/Facebook/Twitter/Goodreads and so on.

In particular I am close to three of them and I call us The Four Musketeers. We all had a book out in June, all had birthdays in May and June (and two even on the same day!) and it has been great being cheerleader to the others, watching each other rise in bestseller lists, applauding great reviews (and commiserating on bad ones L).

I am now going to visit each of them this Autumn!  Susan Laine (with whom I am collaborating on a werewolf story) lives in Finland so I have a long weekend with her in September. Then I fly to the States in October to visit Angela Wray and then Tatum Throne. I imagine (and hope) we are going to have a great time talking about men and sex (as well as discuss writing, of course! And lots of sight seeing)

It took a while to facilitate diaries and flights but everything is booked and I am so excited – I just hope we like each other as much in the flesh as we do over email, after all one person’s habits can be very off-putting to another person! I am assured I don’t smell, but as I have very little sense of smell I have to rely on others to tell me!

These three are terrific people and I want to thank you all for being such good inspirational friends!

Can’t wait to meet you guys…………..



  1. I look forward to meeting you too, Jen :) See you soon! In the meantime enjoy the Olympics.


    1. I'm looking forward to your visit! :o) Can't wait to finally meet you!