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Free Read - Part Four (last part)

Angels Love BDSM, too

Part Four

            Oh shit. That is really, really good. As Morgan caressed, fondled and touched her nether parts she wondered how she was ever going to go back to being a mere angel on top of the tree again.
            Those thoughts were pushed from her mind when he left her and she felt bereft. From her position upside down she could see he had stepped back to get an implement from the cupboard on the other side of the room.
            Angela took an inward gasp when he took out a black and red flogger, but didn’t need to look more closely as she had seen him wield this instrument before on the main floor of the club. The black strips were made of leather but the red ones were soft and furry. She had often wondered how it could be a tool of punishment as it looked entirely too gentle.
            “I can see from your lack of tension that you think I can’t hurt you with this. Is that so, little one?”
            “Er. I am sure you are a master with the equipment, Sir.” Angela hoped that would appease him.
            It seemed not. He suddenly lashed it against the bed and the sound reverberated around the room. It was louder than she had thought that particular implement could possibly make and she trembled and felt wet. She had never realised before how arousing the sound of impact could be, even if it was against the bed. I’m going to like this.
            Morgan came around to the side, one hand on her backside as if to steady himself. He patted it, then got harder. It started to hurt. “Don’t tense. Ride through the pain.”
            Easier said than done!
            As she tried to do as he asked she felt the whoosh of the air as he pulled back the flogger and moments later it hit her.
            Oh my God. I’ve been flogged. That’s what it feels like. And she felt good! It hurt but the pain was spread across a wide area.  
            “Again, Sir.”
            He chuckled. It was an evil laugh. “Are you topping from down there, madam?”
            “I wouldn’t dare, Master. Just letting you know I like it.”
            “Hmm. You do, do you? Well, try this for seconds.”
            A current of air raced across her hot buttocks as the flogger descended again, and again. Each time she jerked, and then relaxed, and her pussy got wetter and wetter.
            Angela marveled at Morgan’s skill, varying the depth of his strokes and the placement of his strokes. Closing her eyes she gave in to the sensation. Her legs and arms trembled, but she didn’t cry her safe word. She wanted—no, she needed—this to continue with every breath of her immortal soul.
And then he stopped and Angela held her breath wondering what was going to happen next.
            Gently, so gently she wasn’t sure she felt it at first, something tickled the inside of her leg. Opening her eyes she smiled when she saw he was stroking her skin with the furry tails.
            “Ow.” She giggled.
            Ow! You can’t possibly tell me that hurts. I didn’t strike you on the inside of your legs.” His voice sounded incredulous and then he laughed. “At least, not this time.”
            Not this time, and not ever again. This was a one-time wish. She sighed deeply. “No. It tickles. But it’s lovely to feel it.”
            Morgan moved in between her legs, up close to her hot butt which he softly caressed with his hand. “Why do I get the impression there hadn’t been anyone who played games or teased before?”
            Angela choked. “Oh, I’ve been played with.”
            She could hear a frown in his next words. “But not had fun with, eh?”
            Unable to answer that, Angela kept quiet.
            “Well, my lovely angel, you took your punishment beautifully and now you deserve a reward.”
            “I do?” It was hard to concentrate on his words when his hands fondled her so adeptly, caressing her thighs, her butt, her sensitive lower back. Who knew how erogenous a zone that area of one’s body could be? She sighed again. Most mortal women she guessed. She was just going to die when she had to go back to how she was before.
            “Oh yes.”
            Angela frowned trying to remember what they had been talking about.
            “You certainly deserve a prize. What can I give you I wonder?”
            She could give him several suggestions but kept quiet wondering what he had in mind.
            His next actions showed the direction of his thoughts. She heard the sound of a zipper, then the crinkle of a packet being torn, then the slurpy sound of a condom being rolled onto a long hard cock. At least she sincerely hoped it was long and hard. That, indeed would be a delicious reward, and not for just taking a flogging well, but for all those years of having the Christmas Tree stuck up her backside.   
            When he started to push inside her very slowly, she knew for sure she had got her real wish. And it was even longer and thicker and harder than she had anticipated. A moan left her mouth.
            Morgan chuckled. “You like that, eh? Hmm. Do you want more?”
            “Oh God, yes!”
            He laughed and thrust in two, three times, then stopped. “More?”
            “Yessssssssssss.” Her plea for continuation was long and heartfelt.
            His hands ripped her hips on both sides as he acceded to her wish and started pushing into her harder, and harder until he was pounding into her like a steam train.
            Ker-ist! It was sheer heaven and Angela felt such pleasure her cry of ecstasy was one long groan. Please don’t stop, please don’t stop.

* * * *

            Morgan didn’t stop until he had wrested every drop of orgasm from Angela’s body. After releasing her from the spanking bench he had lifted her onto his lap whilst he sat in the very large sumptuous easy chair, turning her so that she faced him and eased her throbbing pussy down onto his once-again erect cock.
            It was her turn to move on him and she relished the opportunity to watch his face this time as she played cow girl and took him for a ride. She had always thought the cow girl dolls got the better deal.
            And then he took her back to the bed cuffing her wrists and ankles to the bed and continued his exploration of her now hot, sweaty and tired body. And still he didn’t stop. Releasing the restraints he turned her onto her side and enfolded her in his arms from behind, a leg covering hers.
            This was everything she had ever dreamed of. Being held closely to the man she wanted more than anything, protected, cared for, loved.
            The last thing she remembered before she fell into an exhausted slumber was his cock sliding into her again. She desperately tried to stay awake, not wanting to miss any second of the little time she had, but he had worn her out.

* * * *

            It’s time to get up.
            Angela blinked her weary eyes and wondered who had spoken. The snore coming from behind her told her that Morgan was still asleep. Her magnificent Morgan. She smiled, recalling the amazing time he had given her last night.
            Come on. Your eight hours is up.
            The wonderful feelings she’d been experiencing started to dissipate as reality began to set in and she gradually pulled away from her lover with heart wrenching regret.
            As she reached the door she turned her head to look at him once more and had to choke back a cry. Running swiftly back to the bed she gently knelt on it with one knee and leaned in to kiss his lips, just one last time.
            He started to move so she quickly scurried off the bed and out of the room. There was no-one there as she suspected. But she knew the spirit was in attendance.
            Did you have a good time?
            She was so choked up she couldn’t answer, just nodded her head. Tears were streaming down her face and she let them, knowing she would never feel them again.
            Cry no more little angel. Your tears tell me everything I need to know. Once every hundred years I am allowed to give a being mortality.
            “Yes, thank you. It was wonderful.”
            The spirit laughed. No, you misunderstand. I have the ability once a century to give mortality for ever. But only to someone who deserves to be mortal, who desires to be mortal, who will appreciate being mortal and all the pain that can come with it. I think you are the right person. Happy Christmas.
            She pivoted. Morgan was standing in the doorway.
            “What are you doing out here? It’s early yet. And I want to talk to you about staying with me permanently.”
            “You do?” Oh God. How many wishes can a person have come true? But was it real? Was she really real? Could she feel pain? Wonderful, exciting, delicious pain!
            As Morgan held out a hand beckoning her back inside his room, a clock chimed at the far end of the room and Angela grinned. The eight hours were up and then some. She had actually been mortal for eight hours and thirty minutes and she was still there.
            Do you know how hard you are to wake up? That man must have kept you up all hours. The voice of the spirit was lessening as it retreated.
            Oh yes, he certainly did and hopefully he’ll do it again. And again. And again…….



I hope you enjoyed that story and it inspired you to read more of my stories this year! I will put the story in its entirety onto a 'free reads' page on the blog so you don't have to hunt for it on the blog if you should want to go back and re-read it! Look out for more free reads this year.


  1. That was an awesome story!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Angieia! Glad you liked it. Look out for my next BDSM story due out at the beg. of Feb called 'Collared by Wolves' about a human woman in a werewolf BDSM club!

  2. Amazing Jen! Lovely way to end the year.