Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Wednesday Writing

If you have ever looked at a writer’s list of books and been flummoxed as to which story to read this might help you decide which of my books you might fancy. (The links are all to the Bookstrand’s website where you can buy in a variety of ebook formats including PDF, although the series books have the link to’s website – click here for my complete Amazon.Com list of books)

Want a book with a:

An older woman – Chasing Emily or possibly Just Good Friends

A tortured soul – Wife for Three (I’m thinking of Adam here), The Last Werewolf (I’m thinking of Leevi here)

Or would rather choose per genre:

BDSM – Any in the Doms series, Retraining the Sub and mild BDSM in Just Good Friends and Friendly Seduction. Also look out for Collared by Wolves in February

Romantic comedy – any in the Friends series

Paranormal (Werewolves) – The Last Werewolf or Collared by Wolves (in Feb)

Or you want the following action:

Public exhibition – Submissive Training, The Sub Who Switched, Retraining the Sub, Collared by Wolves (in Feb), mild in Just Good Friends

Running away – Chasing Emily, Retraining the Sub, Collared by Wolves (in Feb)

Friends who fall in love – any in the Friends or Doms Series

Colleagues who have sex – Friend or Foe, The Sub Who Switched

Exes who fall in love again – Retraining the Sub

Sex Toys – The Sub Who Switched, Just Good Friends, Friendly Seduction, The Submission Challenge (well pretty much all the BDSM ones!!)

Humour – any in the Friends series but specifically Friendly Seduction takes the mickey out of the erotic romance industry(!) and Friend or Foe has some GREAT put down lines(!), some comic moments or lines in The Submission Challenge, some comic moments or lines in Chasing Emily, some comic moments or lines in The Last Werewolf

Or you want to choose by sexuality:

Ménage – The Last Werewolf (MMF), Collared by Wolves (in Feb - FMMMM), Wife for Three (FMMM), Chasing Emily (MFM) and ménage scenes in Submissive Training and Retraining the Sub

Experienced in sex – Chasing Emily (the heroine), Submissive Training in particular but any of the BDSM books

Virgin or learning about their sexuality – Wife for Three, Just Good Friends

Gay/bi-sexual sex – The Last Werewolf

Enjoy! Jen

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