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Free Read - Part Three

Angels love BDSM too

Part Three

            As Morgan Garrett, the owner of Club Surrender, fondled her aching breasts she forgot that he had, just a moment ago, dropped hot wax onto her nipples causing piercing, but momentary pain. And yet, that same pain had snaked through her body pooling at her vagina, which was throbbing.
            Holy Cow! Do all humans feel like this? Strike that. Do all human women have this sensation?
            Before her thoughts turned bitter with regrets that she only had eight hours of mortality and would never feel this way again, she was brought back to the present when another type of pain assaulted her already agonized nipples. Glancing down she saw her had attached some kind of clamps to them.
            “Oh God. That’s what it feels like!”
            Morgan laughed. “I thought you said you had been to clubs like this before? Methinks my little angel was telling some fibs.”
            She looked up into his eyes, startled. “Oh I wasn’t. Really. I have been here before. It’s just that I’ve only seen your women—that is to say, the women in this club—wearing them. I’ve never worn any myself.” Angela bit her lip hoping that her explanation would suffice.
            He narrowed his eyes and she swallowed nervously, not sure he believed her.
            “I remain unconvinced. I am certain I would have seen you in here.”
            Angela opened her mouth to try to dig herself deeper into her web of lies, well, not really lies, just stories, but she didn’t get a chance to speak as Morgan continued.
            “Maybe I can flog the truth out of you?”
            She gasped. Oh my word. She had so wanted to try flogging all the time she had been here. Another exclamation left her mouth when she suddenly felt his hand on her mound, his middle finger easing its way through her labia finding her way into her pussy.
            “You are so wet, my love. The thought of a flogging clearly arouses you, doesn’t it? Hmm. Since this is Christmas and I am of a mind to give a beautiful woman a gift I am of a mind to be generous.”
            Her heart was pounding through her chest as she quickly sat up.
            “And where do you think you’re going?”
            Angela paused and glanced over to the spanking bench. “I, um, thought…”
            Morgan shook his head. “Whoever your Dom is he hasn’t trained you very well. Submissives are supposed to wait to be told where to go, what to do. I may have wanted you to turn over, then tie you spread-eagled to the bed and flog you that way.”
            “Oh, will you?” She knew she was looking at him with undisguised longing but it sounded so fabulous.
            Instead of acceding to her innermost desire Morgan burst out laughing and Angela wondered what she had done wrong. She nearly jumped when he reached out a hand and cupped her cheek.
            “You are absolutely adorable and I hope to see you around my club more often after tonight. In fact, I have a mind to make you my permanent sub.”
            Angela dropped her head. Hell. How could she get out of that one? Come seven hours she needed to be back on the top of the tree. Dammit. What did I do to deserve being a toy?
            Morgan lifted her chin. He was frowning. “The idea displeases you?”
            “Oh no. I would love to. But I have other… commitments.” She winced. It sounded so lame but it was all she would come up with.
He was still glaring at her.
Realising she needed to distract him she licked her lips and lowered her eyelashes. “So where did you want me, Sir? On the bed or elsewhere?”
Morgan stood suddenly pulling away from her.
Shit! She had been too forward. She knew from experience that he didn’t like bratty submissives. “I’m sorry, I—“
“Over the spanking bench.”
Angela sat bemused. She had expected him to order her out of the room.
That got her going and she scrambled to her feet and scurried over to the said equipment, taking a moment to enjoy the sight of this furniture up close having only eyes them from afar. It was bigger than she anticipated. She was also aware that there were different types of bench, some of which resembled a padded sawhorse like this one, and some were more elaborate with knee and arm pads. She quite liked this one and forgot for a moment that Morgan was somehow displeased with her.
She felt his breath in her ear and shivered. Oh God. The feel of another’s breath on her skin was delightful. His hands gripped her hips as he spoke, “I said over the bench. Do you never obey your instructions?”
Angela started to turn her head to apologise when she saw his eyes crinkling with humour. “I can see I am going to have to punish you—a lot!”
“I—I agree, Master.” With that submission she did as he asked and leaned over the bench, her hands touching the floor.
“Spread your legs.”
She trembled. How could three little words make her so aroused? She knew how much she had enjoyed hearing them when she stood atop the tree but she had never been aware of how they stimulated her body. As she opened her legs as required she could feel a trickle of moisture from her wet pussy work its way down her leg.
“Very good.”
Glad to have done something right she nearly yelped as he clamped a cuff around her right ankle attaching it to one of the benches legs. She tested it, eagerly hoping she was well and truly fastened and felt a slap against her backside. It was very hard and unexpected and she couldn’t resist an, “Ow.”
“Serve you right for not trusting me to have harnessed you correctly. Now for the other leg.”
When he had similarly attached her left leg he moved behind her and shifted her hips onto the padded length more firmly before going around to the front where he knelt down on one knee.
Raising her chin with one hand he looked at her. She couldn’t discern his thoughts. He seemed serious and yet amused by her.
“I am going to restrain your arms now. You will feel the weight of your body pressing into the bench and if you haven’t experienced this before… no, stop looking at me like that, I suspect you haven’t… it will feel strange and you may panic. Not everyone can take bondage.”
She had glanced away when he accused her of lying but he shook her chin slightly to make her look at him again. He was deadly serious and she shivered. She was finally going to be properly restrained. Being tied to the top of the tree didn’t count.
“Yes, Sir. I understand.”
He just harrumphed and took one of her arms to attach it to another leg of the bench. When he had completed his work he quietly asked, “Angela. How do you feel? Do you want to say your safe word?”
My safe word! No way in hell. “Oh no, Sir. I am perfectly okay.” In fact, she was more than okay. She had dreamed about this for years and it was everything she had dreamed of. That is the act of being controlled by another. She amended that. She was constantly man-handled by others and had to go exactly where they put her. But this was totally different. This time she was in the hands of someone she wanted to take charge. Someone she trusted implicitly.
She felt his hands on her back, caressing her as he made his way to her buttocks where he seemed to spend some time inspecting her or getting to know her.
“So you shave your pussy, little Angel.”
Angela nearly burst out laughing considering the fact that she had never been aware of any toy doll that had a bush. “I like to be naked, Sir.”
He fingered her cleft. “You certainly do. Okay, my love. I shall begin.”

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  1. Love the story so far, Jen! Can't wait to see where it goes!