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Friday First Chapters 'Submissive Training'

Here is the next First Chapter - number 2 in the 'Doms & Acquaintances' series which has cross over characters and timeline with the 'Friends' series.

If you like what you read and want to buy the full book you can do so from the publisher's website in a variety of e-book formats including PDF or from Amazon.

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Here's a review from Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews: "I kept imagining myself in Kat's place as I read this story. What an adrenaline rush being blindfolded for the first time in a room full of potential subs and Doms looking for new trainees. If only I knew where to find clinics like the one in this story, I would be all over it! The author gives a great take on what it is like to be vulnerable when you are newly introduced to the lifestyle and how overwhelming it can be for some. The jealously and possessive instincts Ben feels for Kat are fun to imagine as he tries to be harsh and she constantly shows her determination. Even when he tries to say no to her, he simply melts when she embraces her place. While it is a quick read, you will not be disappointed! Spankings, threesomes, subspace, oh my! I can't wait to read more as this series continues!"



Doms and Acquaintances 2

Copyright © 2012


She saw him across the room. Her whole body knew it was Him—tall, handsome, masculine. As her heart beat faster, desire rose in her body. Suddenly he turned and looked in her direction. Their eyes met, and she shivered as she felt an instant connection. He moved slowly toward her as the crowds parted, the noise around them becoming muted as if they were in a world of their own. Finally he reached her and raised a hand to firmly cup the back of her head while his other hand snaked across her butt to pull her to his body. Held tightly as she was, she could feel his erection nudging her stomach. Then his mouth came down hard on hers, his tongue parting her lips insistently, dipping into her mouth and causing flashes of arousal to ripple through her body as their tongues clashed. As he kissed her, his hand pulled her skirt up and dipped into her panties, clasping her butt firmly.
After what seemed like hours of delicious kissing and decadent touching, he lifted his head, and looking intently into her eyes, he stated, “You’re mine.”

Kat shook her head to dispel her daydream and glanced over at the object her thoughts.
If only things happened in real life like they did in West Side Story, but in this instance, Ben wasn’t going to notice her across a crowded room as he already had a woman in tow, a beautiful girl with long hair. Straight hair, not unruly curls like hers, and blonde, not red. She cursed her parents. Kat wondered why they had to give her sister Rebecca the lovely, straight black hair of their father while she got her mother’s vivid, riotous tresses.
She glanced again at Ben. He was now talking to her sister, being the best man at this, her sister’s, wedding. Ben was a good friend of the groom, and Kat had met him on several occasions before this as it was six months since her sister had got engaged. The first time she met him, she had drooled over his piercing green eyes, his hair a medium shade of brown cut really short like she preferred on a man, and his shirt stretched across a muscular chest. But most of all he had exuded such sexual magnetism she had nearly launched herself into his arms and said “Take me!” Instead, she had said “Hello, I’m Kat” and gabbled on about the forthcoming wedding.
All he had done was look her up and down, his eyes lingering in several places causing her to blush. He then raised an eyebrow, and after nodding his head in acknowledgement, he moved away to speak to Jon.
Rebecca enlightened her later. Kat knew that Jon, her new brother-in-law, was a sexual Dominant, and was still astonished to this day that he had managed to persuade her independent, strong-willed sister to take up the submissive lifestyle. While both she and her sister were fairly self-assured women, Kat was the one who melted under the attention of dominant men while they usually got Rebecca’s back up. That was until she had fallen in love with Jon.
What Kat learned was that Ben was also a Dominant, but much more rigid in his beliefs than Jon as he expected submissive women to be exactly that, submissive, doing exactly what he told them with no opinions of their own, which clearly left Kat out in the cold.
She smiled as she looked over at Rebecca. Few people knew the choker necklace she was wearing, a wedding present from Jon, was actually a submissive collar.
A voice disturbed her thoughts. “Hey I won’t say ‘a penny for them’ because I know exactly who you are thinking about,” said Ellie, her sister’s longtime friend and business partner, and sister to the groom.
“Hey yourself.”
“You know you could just go up and ask him out.”
“Apart from the fact that is the last thing he would want from a woman, have you seen who he brought with him?”
“Ah yes. A nice, biddable, but boring girl.”
“The key word there is biddable. She is a submissive, of the type of submissive he likes, which isn’t me.”
“How do you know?”
“Well, it could be he is put off by the hair,” declared Kat, while Ellie snorted in disbelief at her friend’s comment. “But he has never shown any sort of interest in me any time we have met.”
“Hm, that could be a problem. Okay, forget him. I can’t believe you’re still alone with your looks. You’re just too choosy,” she said, looking around the room for likely targets. “How about Nick?”
Kat looked in the direction Ellie was indicating. She was gesturing to the person who was the photographer at the wedding. Nick was blond, medium height, reasonably good-looking, the right age, but he didn’t do a thing for her.
Nick must have noticed them looking at him as he came over. “Lovely ladies. What can I do for you?”
Ellie lifted an arm to pull Kat toward her. “I don’t believe you’ve taken our photo yet.”
Nick smiled. He did have a very nice smile. His face always appeared open and friendly. Too friendly and nice, Kat thought. She was attracted to dominant men.
He raised his camera and took a few shots then melted away with a wink at Ellie, who didn’t appear to have noticed. Now that was something to think about. Maybe he would be good for Ellie.
She didn’t have long to consider that thought when Jessie came over. Jessie was one of a group of six women who met up for Champagne Fridays organized by their mutual friend, Gina—it was girls-only because they spent much of the time talking about men. Men and sex.
Kat hugged Jessie. She liked her despite the fact that she was rather shy. She always felt protective toward her. “How’s you? You look excited about something.”
“That’s because I have news!”
The two women waited.
“Well, for God’s sake, tell us, woman!” barked Ellie. Kat laughed, Ellie had no patience.
“I’m pregnant!”
“Oh. My. God,” intoned Ellie while Kat yelled. They both reached out to hug Jessie at the same time and then giggled.
“I am so happy for you, but it’s all happened so quickly, hasn’t it?”
“You’re telling me. A year ago I was spending most of my evenings alone reading erotic romances with an occasional visit from Sam to discuss sci-fi with no hope that Mr. Right would come along and father my children, and now I am not only married to Sam but knocked up.”
Kat chuckled. “And he was right under your nose all this time.” She knew how much in love Jessie and Sam were.
“And now Rebecca has married her ‘man under her nose.’”
That gave Kat some food for thought. Particularly as Lissa, one of the other Champagne Friday gang, had not long ago moved in with her love, who was also someone she had known for a while.
Glancing again at Ben, Kat noticed he had his arm possessively around the blonde and was stroking her back sensuously. She sighed deeply as she watched, jealousy and desire making her tense. Okay, who else am I acquainted with that might do? Unfortunately, she just couldn’t think of anyone else.

* * * *

It was the end of the evening. Ellie had been dancing for hours and was now flaked out in a chair. Kat came over and slumped into the chair next to hers. “My feet are killing me.”
Ellie giggled. “You should have taken your shoes off like me.” She held up a bare foot to demonstrate and wiggled her toes.
“But surely you run the risk of being stepped on?”
“Ah yes, there is that danger.”
Kat reached into her bag to get a tissue to mop her perspiring face. “What is it they say, men sweat, but ladies just perspire?”
Laughing along with her, Ellie noticed something had fallen out of Kat’s bag. It was a folded leaflet. “What’s this?”
Frowning, Kat reached out to grab it back. “Oh nothing.”
Ellie pulled it out of her reach before Kat could retrieve it. “Uh-uh. Tell me! You’re looking very guilty.” Kat flushed. Very intrigued, Ellie opened it up. There was a picture of a semi-naked woman kneeling before a leather-clad man holding a whip, and underneath were the words,

For ladies only (there will be male trainers)
9-15 March
Further details contact…

Sitting up straight, her mouth opened in surprise, eyes wide with shock. “Holy shit, Kat. What on earth? And why do you have it?” Kat ducked her head in embarrassment, but Ellie was too fascinated to let this one go. She leaned closer to avoid anyone else overhearing. “Come on, girl. I want to know more.”
Kat looked up and shook her head. “You would. You are easily excited.”
“Yeah, so?”
She groaned before responding. “Okay. You know Jon got Rebecca into the Dominant/submissive lifestyle?” Ellie nodded eagerly. She was instrumental in getting them back together after a misunderstanding. “Well, I found this leaflet in their home when I was over there for a wedding planning. Rebecca told me Jon had been invited to attend as a trainer but had turned it down. Partly because it is in a few weeks and they will only just be back from honeymoon but also because he didn’t want to be away from Rebecca.”
“Couldn’t she go, too? She’s fairly new to this.”
“I understand that Jon didn’t want her to as it would mean she’d have to be intimate around other people. He is too possessive.”
“Wow. And she never said a thing to me.”
“Well, she wouldn’t have said anything to me if I hadn’t found the leaflet by accident.”
Ellie was silent for a moment biting her lip as she studied the leaflet again. “You know, just because Jon won’t let Rebecca go there is no reason we couldn’t. Well, as long as we don’t tell either of them where we are going.”
Whaaat! What’s with the ‘we’?”
Giving the younger woman her best “I am older than you and I know best” look, Ellie responded, “You’re the one who kept the leaflet, so there must have been some part of you that is interested.”
Kat pouted. “I just forgot it was there.”
“Nice try, but it’s not washing with me. I think you are as fascinated by this as I am. What have we to lose? And we’ll have a clearer understanding of what drives Jon and Rebecca.”
She still looked uncertain but was weakening. It didn’t take Ellie long before she got agreement out of Kat to attend this conference with her. Leaning back in her chair, she saw Kat glance over to Ben again. Maybe it would also help in that relationship, too.

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