Monday, 28 January 2013

Inspirational Mondays - 'Collared by Wolves' - blurb and titbits

‘Collared by Wolves’ is now available for pre-order. Here is the blurb:

Natasha Talbot, an ordinary human wanting more out of life, ventures into a forest where a club is holding submissive trials, not knowing this is where werewolves practice BDSM.

While at the club Natasha is fought over by two lots of men. Griff Seamer is an alpha werewolf with a reputation for being a rogue. He doesn’t hesitate taking on Ford Chaplin, Max Holman and Callum Lane, three beta wolves who formed a pack as a way of getting the submissive women at the club who normally prefer the alpha men.

During the fight Natasha becomes aware of their shifter natures and runs away. But is she more frightened by the BDSM or their animal aspects? Determined to try again she returns a few nights later, but when she is kidnapped by a pack who like the darker side of BDSM her four men realize they have to work together to rescue her. 

And here are some titbits about my story:

·       Why did I come up with this concept? In all honesty it is to hit the three bestselling genres of BDSM, werewolves and ménage in one story!!!

  • I chose the title because I like the idea of a human being the one to have a collar and not the ‘animal’!

  • I liked making the heroine consider which scares her the most – the BDSM or the fact that they have an animal self to their personalities.

  • I had great fun considering what makes werewolf BDSM different from human BDSM including biting and clawing, being chained up is much more of a punishment as they find it humiliating, sex is allowed in public, they prefer to have sex in their wolf forms.

  • Something else I love to do with my werewolf stories is to include lots of wolf behaviours but this time I also considered how werewolf women may differ from human ones. This includes their bodies being taller and leaner and with thicker skin and while in wolf form they have no breasts (unless pregnant or suckling their young). This means the heroes were particularly attracted to my (human) heroine’s lovely breasts!

  • My first werewolf story ‘The Last Werewolf’ was written with fellow writer Susan Laine, which came out last October. It was good, therefore to take it one step further and write a werewolf story by myself.

See Wednesday’s blog for an extract.


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