Monday, 14 January 2013

Inspirational Mondays - research

There is nothing better than actual experience versus research for one's novels. As you know, many of my stories have BDSM in them and I scrupulously research them via reading or attending workshops or practising on myself. But I had never been restrained until recently (it's not quite the same thing to tie yourself up with one hand!). I had always wondered if I would panic, since I do get claustrophic, but when I tried it out with a friend recently (even going as far as being blindfold as well) I was suprised to find I did not panic at all.

At least, not until my nose started itching and I was very aware that I couldn't move my hands to itch it. Some rapid nose twitching didn't relieve it but the friend did the honours when requested.

It made me chuckle when I thought back to all the erotic romances I've read and I can honestly say I have never read any incident when the heroine (well, the female is usually the person to be tied up unless it is a gay story) has had any sort of itch on any part of her body that requires her to move her hands (or any other part of her), nor a cramp, or dust in her eye, or hair irritating her face, or material/clothing tickling, or any of the thousand and one reasons we move! I'll have to add something in now, just for realism!



  1. Love it! Make the itch some place good when you write it in! :o)

  2. Just like you never hear about the heroine gagging on a pube and barfing! Here's to the real world!