Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Wednesday Writing

This post is about people's reading habits.

I've had some lovely comments about my Free Read 'Angels Love BDSM, Too', but I am rather bemused. I posted it on my blog in four parts over Christmas. The last part has gathered 40 pageviews - which is terrific. But what amuses me is that the third part only had 17 views, the second part 13 views and the first part 9 views. So therefore, I guess, people have only read parts of the story - and the later parts at that!!!! Curious.

If you do want to read it, but would rather read it in its entirety - it is now on the Free Read page.

If, on the other hand, you liked it and want to read more or my BDSM stories, my latest book which is set in a werewolf BDSM club is out in a few weeks and will be available to buy on . I will be doing a series of blog posts about this story, and writing werewolf stories including one with contributions from other writers about why they write in this genre, over the next couple of weeks. So do come back.


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