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Friday First Chapters 'The Sub Who Switched'

Here is the next first chapter - this is the last in the 'Doms & Acquaintances' series which has cross over characters and timeline with the 'Friends' series.

If you like what you see and want to buy the full book you can do so from the publisher's website in a variety of e-book formats including PDF or from  Amazon.

Alternatively the entire 'Doms' series can be purchased from Amazon in paperback.

Here's a review from a reader: "I enjoyed this last in the Doms and acquaintances trilogy as much as the first two. It was well written and edited and I loved how the relationship between Nick and Ellie progressed or sometimes regressed!

Keep on doing what you are doing, Ms Denys and thank you."



Doms and Acquaintances 3

Copyright © 2012


Artistic Nude and Boudoir Photo Shoots
Sensual photos—a life-changing experience

We all want to feel sexy and confident, but sometimes the unrealistic images we see in the media make it hard for us to have a positive self-image. When you feel good about yourself, it can have a big impact on every aspect of your life.
Beautiful Aphrodite is here to help you to see yourself in a completely new way. Our lingerie and nude photo shoots will instill in you a new self-assurance and a confidence that will make you sparkle.
The transformations that take place in our studio have nothing to do with the makeup—it is all in changing the way you see yourself—FOREVER.

Chapter One

Ellie Grant finished reading the glossy leaflet again as the cab made its way through town to the photographer’s studio on the late September day. “It is all in changing the way you see yourself,” it said.
Hm, I see myself as someone about to have the big three-oh birthday, without a man in my life, with a tall, skinny body and small breasts—strike that, make that minimal breasts—who tends to put men off, thinking my exuberant personality is one of a Domme when in fact it hides the heart of a submissive who likes elements of BDSM.
“A life-changing experience,” was another line.
It had better be. She was the last of her group of six girlfriends to find a man. The Champagne Friday gang they were called, because they met up on Fridays to drink champagne, or any other drink. Personally she was a red-wine girl. Apart from drinking, they spent a great deal of time discussing men and sex or, in her case, the lack of men and sex.
The comments and kind-hearted attempts by the girls to find her a man were wearing very thin. All of them had partners now except her. In fact, everyone, to her annoyance, was either married or engaged, and one had a baby, while another was pregnant. She sighed. She had tried clubs and bars, dating agencies, blind dates, adverts in the paper, and online forums and all she had got for her troubles was a bunch of losers whose looks did nothing for her and their personalities even less! She groaned, remembering the last person the dating agency had sent. Dear God he had been dreadful. She had nearly run away the moment she had seen him, but good manners dictated she at least have a cup of coffee with him. It wasn’t that he was a horrible person, just too old, too boring, too “not for her.”
As the cab slowed, Ellie breathed a sigh of relief. The journey had been very stressful with all sorts of delays and she was very nearly late. Not the best way to start something where she needed her features to reflect calmness and serenity.
Snorting to herself, she quickly fished out a mirror to check her face. It was red from worry, not to mention from the run through the station to find the rank of cabs which seemed to be hidden away for some reason. Her top was sticking to her back having perspired so much in her dashing around, and her face was boringly bland as she was about to be made-up as part of the shoot, so she hadn’t seen the need to “put a face on.” Of course, if George Clooney had been on the train, she would have kicked herself. On the other hand, all the travails had made her forget about the worries of wearing the basque she had bought, a basque rather than bra and panties to hide her thin body. And as for going nude, that was unlikely to happen.
Actually she didn’t have a problem going naked, but not when photos were going to be taken.

* * * *

She needn’t have worried. Husband-and-wife team, Lee and Zara, who made up Beautiful Aphrodite were kindness personified. They made her feel so welcome and easy, and Zara did a lovely job with the makeup.
However, the collywobbles hit her stomach when she stood up from the makeup stool, and Lee said, “Okay, Ellie. Are you ready?”
Ellie took one look at the satin sheet-covered bed on which she would be photographed. Ready? That was an overstatement. “Yeah sure,” she replied breezily, pretending a nonchalance she didn’t have. Actually, a portion of her was getting really excited. At least this was the part of the session in her sexy undies. She knew she would be expected to take some items off as the shoot went on, but doubted it would be more than her shoes and stockings. Ellie had visited the lingerie store from where her sister-in-law, Rebecca, had bought something when celebrating her one month anniversary with her now husband, Jon. While Rebecca had chosen a startling black-and-red basque for her vivid looks, Ellie opted for something more suited to her own coloring, which was shoulder-length, pale-blonde hair with hazel eyes, and had therefore plumped for a pale-green outfit.
“Can you lay facedown across the bed, facing me this end?” Lee asked, breaking into her ruminations. He waited while she complied. Clambering onto a bed wasn’t the easiest thing to do while wearing high heels. She laughed at the situation.
Arriving in the position requested, she felt okay as it hid her skinny front.
“That’s it, now lift your feet and cross them at the ankles. Excellent. That looks so good, but widen your knees so that your feet are crossing more. Oh yes, that’s terrific. Very sexy.” Lee snapped his shots constantly as she moved.
His compliments were heartening, and Ellie started to feel good.
“Now place your wrists one over the other. Just relax them. Great. Now turn your face toward me. Super, but tilt your head down slightly so that you are looking down to the floor.”
Ellie felt her face going slightly red at this point at all the focus on her face. She was slightly worried as she would have made herself up heavier than Zara had done, but then Zara was the expert so she didn’t say anything. Anyway, there was always the option to have some retouching done afterward.
Lee darted around her, adjusting lights and checking the image through his camera. “Okay, now lick your lips.”
She nearly giggled at that point. It was beginning to feel rather erotic. But that was the purpose, wasn’t it? He hadn’t suggested whether she smile or not. She had spent some time beforehand practicing expressions in the bathroom mirror, and they had all looked stupid. Now it was really happening, she opted for a gentle smile.
“Nice smile, but can you open your lips?”
Uh-uh. Not going to happen. One thing Ellie didn’t like was photos of herself with broad grins, showing teeth. Lee didn’t push her to do this but continued snapping for a few minutes, darting from side to side to get a variety of pictures.
“Okay, would you like to take a rest and see the first shots before we continue?” he asked, laying aside his camera.
Shit. What on earth would they look like? She reluctantly, and with a lack of decorum, got off the bed and slowly approached the computer where Zara was loading the first shots.
“Oh. My. God,” Ellie intoned when they came up. “That is not me! You have got the wrong woman.”
They laughed at her comment, assuring Ellie that it really was her.
“Holy Mary. Wow.” For a few minutes, she didn’t say anything as they looked at the photos, but her chin was on the floor in amazement. They were all of the same type of pose with her lying on her front, but Lee had taken them from different angles. Ellie was astonished at how relaxed she looked, but most of all, how sexy she appeared!
The next part of the shoot went the same way with Lee directing her positions, encouraging her to pose in ways she wouldn’t have normally considered and then checking them out on the computer. Sometimes it was hard going. She’d never before considered how exhausting it was to lay on your back with your legs in the air.
She giggled. If she had any advice to give anyone wanting their photos done, it would be to take up aerobics for a month beforehand!
As it continued, little by little, Lee asked her to take off an item of clothing, firstly her stockings, but replacing the shoes, then her shoes, finally her panties. It was done so nicely and gradually that, when she was asked if she wanted to take off her remaining item, the basque, she had no problems whatsoever and whipped it off as it was a coat and she had just come in from outdoors.
Ellie was actually an exhibitionist at heart which is why she could do this in the first place and had even gone nude at a BDSM conference some months back when a volunteer was called for. But the fear now was more one of worrying what the photos would show of her less-than-voluptuous body. When Zara had showed her the photos that Lee had taken so far, even without any touching up, and she was certainly going to have some done, like remove the redness around her face and neck, they looked stunning. It was like looking at a different person. Was that really her? Did she look that beautiful?
Having removed the basque, Ellie automatically arched her back to try to make her breasts look bigger in time-honored female fashion and turned to Lee.
“That’s great, but put your shoes back on, and then lay on the bed.”
She did as he asked and found wearing her green, suede high-heeled shoes while being naked was rather sexy and sauntered over to the bed feeling like a tart! However, she balked at lying on her back on the bed with her arms over her head as she felt that showed every rib in her ribcage.
Lee laughed. “I assure you it doesn’t.” She didn’t believe him, but did as he requested, frowning as they went to look at the shots afterward. Actually he was right. The lighting was behind her so her torso was in shadow, and the ribs didn’t show.
After that she did everything Lee asked with total confidence in his ability and later shoots were taken with her totally nude on the floor. It felt a bit odd lying on the slightly cold floor, but the advertising shots she had seen of these poses were very artistic. And art was something she knew about as she ran an art gallery with Rebecca. In fact these were the sort of pictures they often exhibited. But, she snorted to herself, these were one set of artistic prints that were never going to end up on the walls of the gallery. Or indeed any walls. They were for her photo album. Her private photo album.
Interrupting her musings, Lee asked, “Are you ready for the baby oil?”
“I beg your pardon?”
“This was one of the items we described in the literature. We would like you to rub this baby oil into your body so that I can spray some water over you.” He held out the stated bottle.
“And you want to do this because…”
He laughed. “Because I will then spray water over you and the oil will cause water droplets to stay on your skin. It looks very sexy, believe me.”
Actually she had seen shots like that but hadn’t been aware of how they were created. Doing as requested, she shivered when the water hit her body, causing her nipples to pucker at the cold. Ellie grimaced in embarrassment, hoping Lee hadn’t noticed but guessing he must be used to it. Erotic photography was his chosen medium, after all.
By the time Lee had finished, it was several hours later. She didn’t know how it could have gone so quickly, but she had certainly had a good time and wondered afterward why she had been so nervous. It had actually been a very liberating experience.

* * * *

Ellie didn’t really know what she was going to do with the photo album when she finishing choosing her final selection from those that had been emailed to her, but the point of the exercise had been to prove to herself that she could be sexy and desirable despite now being in her thirties, and looking at the photos they had taken, she had certainly achieved that.
Smiling in delight, Ellie linked her fingers behind her head in a pose of supreme satisfaction as she continued to look through the slideshow remembering the fun she had had.
Then her smile faltered. If only she had a man to show them off to. Her hands dropped back to cup her face in resignation as she contemplated the men in her life. There was no way she was showing them to her brother, Rebecca’s husband. Kat’s partner, Ben, would be just as bad as he was like a brother, too, and she wasn’t sure Kat would necessarily want him to look at nude photos of her friend, similarly with her other friends’ partners.
Of course, there was Nick Sinclair, a photographer himself, who exhibited at their gallery from time to time. He had also been the official photographer at Rebecca’s wedding some months back. Ellie recalled Nick was the same age as her, remembering he had had his own thirtieth a few months ago, but as nice as he was, he wasn’t really the sort of person she was after. She wanted a dominant man like Rebecca or Kat had, both of whom were with Doms.
She shivered at the thought of a strong man, preferably one taller than her, unlike Nick, who was a few inches shorter, demanding she take off her clothes and kneel before him, administering suitable punishment for her tardiness. Then Ellie sighed. Even though she had attended the submissive training conference, it hadn’t meant she was brave enough to try going to a club of that sort to find someone. It was a bit of a misnomer. If she really was a submissive sort of person, she wasn’t going to go into those sorts of places by herself, not without someone else going with her. But all her girlfriends were far prettier, with much better bodies than she had, and therefore no one would take any notice of her.
On the other hand, if anyone saw these super photos…

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