Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Wednesday Writing - practical research

I have a day off and am off to London for a workshop at Sh! Women’s Sex Emporium who do terrific workshops (I’ve been to a couple in the past) on best practice in BDSM. I like to make sure that what I am writing about in my stories is accurate if I have no or little experience myself.

Having said that I do find there is nothing better than practical research. It isn’t always easy to try these implements out on yourself – if you have ever tried tying yourself up, it’s difficult! It does, therefore, help to have a friend and I have SGK. In a recent session we tried flogging – hmm, very nice, particularly as my flogger is quite soft as it is made of suede and faux fur – so ‘ouch’ with a hint of ‘oo’!


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