Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Wednesday Writing - Eroticon 2013

Eroticon is over two days this year - and there are so many sessions to choose from I am having a problem deciding!!

Let me see - I rather like the idea of going to a workshop which will address some of the common misconceptions about being submissive.

Similarly the session on Polyamory and learning more about this fascinating sexual relationship is a must.

Then there is a workshop on editing entitled 'Let's eat, pussy'!!! The blurb states "What distinguishes good erotica from badly written porn".

There are several creative writing classes examining how to approach sex scenes from unusual angles, how well-written sex shapes a story, and avoiding the predictable.

And I am keen to go to one of the publishers' panels and learn what companies are looking for this year - particularly post Fifty Shades.....

Ahh! Too much choice!


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