Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Wednesday Writing

I was talking to a writing friend the other day and we were both moaning about the problems of motivation. We have tons of story ideas, that isn’t the problem. It is getting started – and continuing the start - that is the difficulty.

I recently went to a most interesting session by a sports psychologist who talked about the fact that the right side of our brain controls the left side of our bodies and vice versa. So if you are right handed like I am that means the left side of your brain dominates.

This is a problem in that the left side of the brain is the side which also controls facts and figures (so is great when I need to do some analysis as to which of my books sells better than others). Meanwhile it is the right side of the brain which is the creative side – and that clearly is not my dominant side.

The question is – how to trick it into working? How to make the right side – the creative side – start working?

Ideas are gratefully received!


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  1. I got really excited reading this thinking "It's me" than realised there was no answer to the problem, Noooooooo!
    I have heard that excercising will power makes it more effective and to do this you should make yourself do things regularly that you don't want to, like washing up every night. ALternatively practicing doing things, like brushing your teeth, with your non-dominant hand is supposed to be balancing for the brain. Unfortunately I don't have the will power to find the time to make myself do these things!