Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Wednesday Writing

‘Bounty Hunters’ Captive will be out for pre-order very soon. I had some lovely comments from my editor including the fact that they thought the weightless sex scene was the highlight of the book! They then asked me to expand on it.

HOWEVER, I deliberately hadn’t written much before I had the gravity turn on again as I knew nothing about how sex works without gravity. So I did some quick googling only to discover that no astronaut (that I could find) has actually admitted to having sex in space!!

The nearest I could find was underwater sex to simulate the floating. Instead I read up on the issues likely to occur and incorporated these into the expanded scene such as keeping contact being the most difficult. Rayn braces himself against the chairback while holding tightly to Felissa’s hips!

When she goes to grab Rayn around the neck the motion causes them to turn in a roll.

Fluids float in the air whether they be sweat or other fluids.

The two characters hypothesize about Rayn staying upright whether aroused or not and they joke that he would appear ready for action at all times!

Felissa is ‘on top’ in the scene and as they bop up and down her boobs arrive slightly after the rest of her body.

Their hair floats around them.

It was quite fun adding these touches!


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