Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Wednesday Writing

My new book is out tomorrow (available for pre-order now)!

Here is an excerpt:

The mist that had been gliding toward Felissa turned around and flowed over Garin, who slumped back down without another word. When neither man stirred it came at Felissa again. She considered shooting it with a laser, but all weapons were locked away—not that it would probably have been of any use, she’d only have hit one of the guys.
As she was still trying to think what to do it floated in her direction, stopping to send out a tendril that touched her foot, and then shrank back to the men, seemingly uninterested in her.
“Well, that is damn strange.”
Every time she tried to go to the men’s rescue the cloud played with her, flowing in her direction until she retreated.
She crossed her arms getting very annoyed. “Okay, who the hell are you? And what do you want with my two big lummoxes?”
Felissa hadn’t been expecting a response, and was amazed when it took the form of a female. Well, a sort of woman. One who was very pale, and without definite features.
Wondering if the being only affected the male of a species, Felissa continued her conversation. “So you’re a girl. I get that. Don’t you have your own men that you have to steal my two? Jeez. And you had to choose these? Baaaad choice, girlie. One may well be impaired in the sex department, and the other will only want to return you to your people.”
Actually, it was a very good choice if the creature wanted a ship to escape in. Maybe she was a captive like Felissa.
Hey, that’s an idea. While they are unconscious I could make a getaway.
Rushing over to the console, Felissa tried inputting a command to change their destination.
Nothing happened. She hit the buttons several times—hard.
“Come on, Hal, old buddy, nice computer machine. Do something. Damnation.” Felissa leaned her elbows on the console and clutched her head, before banging her elbows on the controls in frustration.
Still nothing.
She shouldn’t have been surprised. She’d tried accessing the computer a few times, each attempt without success since her escape at the space station. The guys made sure it locked immediately after they left it unattended, hiding their password from her.
Maybe I can make a deal with orange-face to take me to the nearest planet and I’ll let her have the guys in return?
Suddenly remembering the shuttle, Felissa ran toward the door to the bay where it was stored, and then stopped, unable to take a step further, realizing that she didn’t want to leave the men, even if it would mean her freedom. Even if it meant she could find her mother, who was in hiding from Melvin now that she was recovering from her illness. Felissa swallowed, holding back tears. She missed her mother so much. But she knew she couldn’t leave the guys with this thing.
Shaking her head to rid herself of unhappy thoughts she watched as the mist settled itself onto Rayn.
“I guess this is a first contact situation. Haven’t you heard of the Prime Directive? You’re not supposed to interfere with a developing species and, believe me, those two certainly need their brains developing!”

Check out the character profile which went up on 19 Feb and the weekend reading details which come out on Friday 28 Feb.


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  1. Loved the excerpt!! I am so excited to read this book!!!