Monday, 24 February 2014

What's Doing Mondays?

I was very amused by this item on the BBC website recently:

The borrowing of erotic fiction from UK public libraries has leapt by 500% over the past 12 months, in what is being called the "Fifty Shades" effect.

Last year's most popular erotic fiction title, Indigo Bloom's Destined to Feel, was borrowed almost 11,700 times. The surge is attributed to EL James' bestselling novel, which took third place in the most borrowed titles list. Yet none of the trilogy appears in the erotic fiction top 10 because the EL James books are classified as romance.

One suggestion for the increase is that automated library checkouts might be helping borrowers avoid any embarrassment when taking such books out.

Another is that the popular success of authors such as EL James has boosted the appeal of this type of fiction, meaning there is more of the genre and it has found a more mainstream readership.

To read the full article here is the link:

So – my plan is to check if my books are there and if not to request them!!


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  1. Indigo Bloom's Destined to Feel book must be really good. I'm not sure how they classify some books, but that may be the reason readership increased.