Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Wednesday Writing

Character Profiles for 'Bounty Hunters' Captive: 

Name – Felissa

Book – Bounty Hunters’ Captive

Love interest – Garin & Rayn

Age – early 20s

Hair/eyes – Blonde-red, shoulder length/Grey-silver (grey when unhappy, sad or angry, silver when happy)

Height/weight – Medium height, lovely figure

Looks – Stunningly beautiful

Other – A sex slave to Melvin. Comes from the planet Dunet. Very sassy and quick witted. Swears a lot when angry. Will fight with teeth and everything when confronted.

Name – Garin

Book – Bounty Hunters’ Captive

Love interest – Felissa

Age – mid 30s.

Hair/eyes – Dark brown, short and spiky/Brown eyes.

Height/weight – Very tall and very well built.

Looks – Rugged good looks with awful dress sense.

Other – A bounty hunter, ex-partner with Rayn. From planet Chulluk. Has sister Tianna. Strong silent type.

Name – Rayn

Book – Bounty Hunters’ Captive

Love interest – Felissa

Age – late 20s.

Hair/eyes – Fair hair, long, tied back in ponytail/?? eyes

Height/weight – Tall, but not as tall as Garin/lean but fit

Looks – Very good looking, stubble.

Other – A bounty hunter, ex-partner with Garin. Very clever and quick witted, cares about his clothes, jack-the lad type of character, very smiley. Good cook.


  1. Jack-the lad? Not sure I know what that is... But I am sure.looking forward to this book!!!

    1. Thanks, Lisa

      A "Jack The Lad" tends to be a bit of a bad boy, or so he thinks. The typical stereotype would be a guy who walks about thinking he owns everything (tend to be rather dashing ), and feeds on attention.

  2. Felissa sounds like a handful! I can't wait to read more about her.

    1. Hehe! She's the sassiest heroine I've ever written.