Friday, 14 November 2014

Weekend Reading

A four poster bed, food and domination – what more do you need in the bedroom?

Title of book: Guarding Her Heart
Name of author: Jules Court

Genre: MF contemporary

Description of main characters:

Travis Green: 6'4" of jacked Coast Guard rescue swimmer. Travis has short dark hair and brown eyes. He's of mixed Japanese, Native Hawaiian, and Caucasian ancestry.

Tiffany Donnelly: Tiffany is 5'1" and delicately built. She has dark hair cut in a pixie and big gray-blue eyes.

Setting: Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Length: 42,487 words

Blurb: After Tiffany’s groom ran off with her bridesmaid, one of her few remaining pleasures is verbally sparring with sexy Coast Guard rescue swimmer Travis. But they’re just friends--until pretending to be a couple blurs the lines between fantasy and reality. One weekend of passion could change everything.

What's Hot?: Between a fireplace and a four poster bed, passion burns hot.

Title: Truth
Author: Maggie Walsh

Genre: Erotic Romance, Menege a Trois, Paranormal, Shifter, Alternative. M/M/M

Description of Main Characters:

Sebastian Angel - Timberwolf shifter - Enforcer, 6’-4” 250 lbs. Long Jet black hair with white streaks that goes down to his waist. Light violet eyes. Looks 32, but is 301 years old. He is a sensitive. He can see inside people and see what they have seen, feel what they have felt.

Storm Winthrope - White Tiger shifter - Leader of the Winthrope Pride, 6’-4”, 230 lbs. looks 30, is 250 years old. Long white hair that goes past his ass. Deep violet eyes.

Noah - Fae Looks 27, is over 1,000, Long blue hair to his waist. 5’-5” 120 lbs. light blue eyes. Has iridescent blue wings. Very angelic face

Setting: Cat shifter pride in Napa Valley, Ca.

Length: 58,312 words

Blurb: Sebastian and Storm find their third mate, a blue-haired fae named Noah. But he is being held captive by an evil master. When Storm lies to Sebastian it causes him to want to end their mating. They set out to rescue Noah and try to learn how to trust each other.

What's hot?: Domination in the bedroom.

Title of Book: The Orchard: Tame Me
Name of Author: Mackenzie Williams

Genre: Contemporary Erotic BDSM Romance

Description of Main Characters:

Samantha - short black hair and sharp green eyes

Master Cole - dark hair, muscular, hazel eyes that seem to change from brown to green

Setting: The Orchard, a BDSM club.

Length: Word count - 59,831

Blurb: Master Cole is paired with Samantha and soon realizes that she will be a bit more work than other subs at the BDSM club. Is she worth the extra time and aggravation?  Master Cole decides he must push Samantha, emotionally, to make her a good fit for himself and The Orchard. His plan works but maybe too well.

What's Hot?: Sexual food play between subs and Doms using chocolate pudding.

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  1. I love Lorraine's books, grabbed this one up, thank you!