Friday, 28 November 2014

Weekend reading

Demons, holidays and horror – nope, this isn’t a recipe for Christmas but this week’s books!

Title of book: Devils in the Dark

Name of author: Marcus Damanda

Genre: Horror/Evernight Teen

Description of main characters:

High school freshman Audrey Bales, dyed black hair, green eyes, goth--bullied by her classmates, suicidal

Alastair Hutchinson, master of 1000 ghosts, plotting revenge on Audrey's behalf against those who drove her over the edge. In the first book, seen mostly as an undefined shadow except when he takes on the form of one of the child-ghosts who live inside of him.

Setting: suburb of Fairview; St. George's hospital (in the psychiatric ward); Manassas Regional Juvenile Detention Center

Length: 28,000

Blurb: After five weeks in her new high school, Audrey Bales wanted to die. But even as the doctors put Audrey away, the kids who drove her over the edge have attracted the attention of an ancient evil, master of 1000 ghosts who wreak vengeance against those who would prey upon the weak.
What's hot?: A self-destructive teenager has attracted the attention of an ancient evil, who sees in her the memory of the girl he had once loved before his damnation.

Title of book: Her Christmas Wishes

Name of author: Lorraine Nelson

Genre: Contemporary Holiday Romance

Description of main characters:

Erica London, 5'9", long blonde hair, blue eyes, curvy build, rancher.

Spencer Rafferty, 6'4", dark shoulder-length hair, blue eyes, muscular build, author.

Setting: A Mountain Lodge in Alberta, Canada

Length: 13,000 words (45 pages)


Erica London hadn’t counted on a freak blizzard stranding her at her family’s lodge, but when handsome Spencer Rafferty ditches his car and shows up at her door, being stranding doesn’t matter in the least. The only question was…could she survive his leaving when the storm was over?

What’s hot in your story? When the power goes out, things heat up.

Title of book: Corrupting Demon
Name of author: Marion Webb-De Sisto

Genre: Paranormal/Romance (erotic)

Description of main characters:

Hero - Turael, very tall, well-built, handsome, black hair, dark eyes, a demon who corrupts women through sex.

Heroine - Emmi, small, brown hair, gray eyes, considered unattractive, mostly human with a little fae DNA, afraid of Turael, but feels attracted to him.

Setting: The world of Kurbridor, present time.

Length: 23,700+ words, 59 pages.

Blurb: Turael, a demon, pursues Emmi so that he can corrupt her through sex, and then she'll become the sex slave of the demon lords. An attraction builds between them, so does this ruin his plan?

What's hot?: Mind-blowing sex with a demon.

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