Friday, 7 November 2014

Weekend reading

Menage, new sub or wolf shifter? Take your pick of this week’s recommended reading!

Title of book: Breach of Contract

Name of author: J R Gray

Genre: MM/BDSM suspense

Description of main characters:

Jesse - almost white blond hair, with darker red undertones at the roots, blue eyes with flecks of gray, trim appearance and superb fashion sense. Using his job as a lawyer to show off his love for designer suits.

George - piercing blue eyes, dark hair with a dusting of gray at his temples and in his close-cut beard, stunning for a man half his age, let alone one in his early forties, an infinity for Victorian era suits with knee-high military boots, tailored perfectly fitting his muscled body like a glove.

Setting: Contemporary Chicago

Length: 90k

Blurb: George battles to take down an unknown enemy as a blackmailer shatters the lives of people he cares for. Jesse is torn between picking up a rebound that maybe should be left in the past and the allure of a relationship with a man who quickly became his best friend. Can they come together while everything is falling down around them?

What’s hot?: A  new sub exploring the world of BDSM as well as his sexuality.

Title of book: Tracking Easton (Wild Wolves 3)
Name of author: Tatum Throne

Genre: MM/Contemporary/Werewolves/BDSM

Description of main characters:

Trip Highland: Black hair, blue eyes, 6', 180 lbs., Muscular. Wolf shifter.

Easton lord: Sandy brown hair, gray eyes, 5'10", stocky build but muscular. Wolf shifter.

Setting: Northern California, Siskiyou (Black Forest)

Length: 20,718 words

Blurb: When Trip Highland saves a wild wolf from being killed by his enemy, he quickly discovers he’s his mate. Easton Lord has no plan on ever trusting another wolf shifter again—nor does he want to belong to any pack. As Easton falls hard, he has no choice but to trust Trip. 

What’s hot?: Sharing that first kiss in the shower

Title of book: Intimate Details

Name of author: Tina Donahue

Genre: Erotic contemporary romance – ménage

Description of main characters:

Shana Gallagher: 26, full-figured, straight black hair (worn Cleopatra style), dark brown eyes, pale skin. Pretty, sexy and damn smart.

Mike Russo: 33, tall, dark and sinfully hot with five o’clock shadow that doesn’t quit, olive skin, greenish-gray eyes and a lean, muscular build. Definitely drool-worthy.

Cody Latham: 34, tall, nicely muscular, dark blond hair cut military style, hazel eyes, bronzed skin, rough good looks. Also drool-worthy.

Setting: Manhattan

Length: 56,627

Blurb: With a secret to hide, it’s not wise for Shana Gallagher to get involved with Mike Russo and Cody Latham, two powerful and commanding men. Mike and Cody won’t stop until they have Shana in their arms and know every intimate detail about her.

What’s hot: The three of them playing in a hot tub in a mega-expensive New York hotel.