Monday, 17 November 2014

Something you never knew about me...

Something you never knew about me….

I used to belong to an amateur dramatic group and I performed in several shows including, ‘No Sex Please We’re British’ where I had to go on stage in my underwear! (Unfortunately, no pic of me in my underwear!). I’m in the middle – naturally.

Can’t remember the title of this one but I was a crazy murderer!

This one was the bizarre, but terrific, play by Tom Stoppard called ‘The Real Inspector Hound’ (second from left).

I was the heroine in this romantic comedy (on the far left) … but I thought I forgot to come on at one stage and panicked and came on saying my line….. except I was too early!!!!!! The director was pulling her hair out off stage!

And lastly I am performing in ‘Lettuce and Lovage’ where I played a middle aged woman who tells over the top stories…. Didn’t have to act too far for that one… and in case you didn’t guess I am the one on the right!