Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Portmeirion - again!

I am going back to the lovely Portmeirion! This time with my writer friend, Bella Settarra. This is a photo I took last time.

Portmeirion was first built in the 1920s and the marvelous creator, Clough Williams-Ellis, continued up until the 1970s when he was in his nineties! His vision was to create a tourist resort where different architectural styles complemented each other. So you have Rustic next to Georgian next to Maritime and so on!

It is the most quirky and bizarre place with loads of bridges, steps, gazebos, murals and archways – and architectural features to make the resort seem bigger like dummy windows! It feels like you have been miniaturized and put in the most amazing doll’s village!

We are staying overnight in another one of their wonderful cottages and going to a food and craft fair in December – so hoping to come back with lots of xmas pressies! In addition, it will be great to spend time with Bella – I am sure we will talk lots about books and writing.

One of my works-in-progress is a fantasy story using the layout of Portmeirion as the setting and various symbolisms from around the village for the characters so it involves a Lion-man who is having an affair with a mermaid but falls in love with a fairy, to the hatred of the mermaid and the disgust of his overbearing mother. Watch this space…. I’ll finish it one day!

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