Friday, 24 April 2015

Weekend Reading

An alien with a secret, a vampire with a vengeance and a surgeon with a fantasy. That’s the fab books featured this week.

Title of book: Conquest (Titan Year 4)

Name of author: Tatum Throne

Genre: Sci-fi/MM/BDSM

Description of main characters:

Ezekian Rewn. Commander of the Torrent. Alien. Height: 6'5". Hair: Black. Eye Color: Gray.

Dean Montero: Human male. Height: 5'11. Hair: Black. Eye Color: Blue.

Setting: Planet XR-46 and Deep Space.

Length: 38,000 words


Ezekian Rewn has a secret - he doesn't carry eggs. He carries sperm. Keeping the secret has meant a life without companionship.

Jaxon Montero is from Earth and has fallen hard for the alien.

With the Royal Guard after them, Rewn is forced to make sacrifices that will impact everyone.

What's hot?: This book depicts really hot alien sex and male pregnancy.

Title of book: Filling the Void (The Blood Lover Chronicles, Book 1)

Name of author: Morgan Hunter

Genre: Dark Paranormal Erotic Romance, Vampires

Description of main characters:

My female character: auburn hair, turquoise eyes, second-tier elite vampire with a vengeance and insatiable taste for human flesh.

Daron Alexander: Dark brown hair, green eyes, tall, and the son of a brokerage tycoon.

Setting: Present day Nevada, Oregon, and Northern California

Length: 57 pages


Get ready for a female vampire who knows what she wants and has enough secrets to boot.

What secrets you ask?

From Shakespeare to brokerage tycoons, this is one temptress of the night with a killer story you'll never forget.

Are you male? Female?

Pleasure bites back no matter which way you swing.

What’s hot in your story?: Killer bites and four-hundred-year-old secrets with a whole lot of blood and sweat you won't want to miss!

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Title of book: A Touch Of Sin

Name of author: Tara Rose

Genre: Erotic, contemporary, BDSM

Description of main characters: 

Savannah Patterson: blonde, blue-eyed ICU nurse who doesn't ever want to settle down with just one man

Dr. Ethan Drake: trauma surgeon; dark hair and blue eyes; experienced in BDMS play; has a secret fantasy to watch another man make love to a woman

Noah Kirkland: respiratory therapist; brown hair and dark eyes; has had a thing for Savannah most of his life; charming and fun-loving

Jimmie James: works at Henderson Weed & Feed; brown hair and green eyes; quiet, introspective, passionate; has loved Savannah since grade school and would do anything to make her happy

Setting: Fictional town of Sin, Tennessee

Blurb: ICU nurse Savannah Patterson gets a taste of sin with trauma doctor Ethan Drake, respiratory therapist Noah Kirkland, and Jimmie James, the preacher’s son and her former high school boyfriend. But when Jimmie finally remembers the events surrounding his mother’s death, his already strained relationship with his father becomes dangerous to all four of them.

What's hot: Sex and BDSM play with three men for our heroine!