Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Character Profiles

This month’s character profiles are from my latest book out: BDSM Weekend

Name – Caroline Shaw

Book – BDSM Weekend

Love interest – Husband (James), lover (Mark)


Hair/eyes – Long blonde hair/blue eyes

Height/weight – 5ft 8/good figure

Looks – Fit/beautiful

Other – Strong willed – takes quite a bit for her to accept being dominated/works in a stationery shop that also sells maps

Name – James Shaw

Book – BDSM Weekend

Love interest – Wife (Caroline)


Hair/eyes – Dark hair, slightly curling at the neck/grey eyes.

Height/weight – 5ft 10, fit but not hunky

Looks – Fit but not hunky

Other – The dominant in the threesome/passionate about history

Name – Mark Fuller

Book – BDSM Weekend

Love interest – Lover (Caroline)


Hair/eyes – Light brown hair with highlights/Green eyes

Height/weight – 5ft/very hunky

Looks – chiseled cheekbones – looks like a male model

Other – Was living with Andrea but she left him for Peter/works in an engineering firm


A weekend of BDSM activities for beginners. That was what James Shaw had booked at Lindsey Park Manor. He was now anxious about telling his wife, Caroline. In the past, they had tried out various implements at home, and were keen to take it further—even considering joining a ‘swingers’ site—but it was quite daunting doing anything with others! And then a shock awaits them on arrival in the form of James’ best friend.

As they progress through the various events—cropping in the stables, fellatio in the ballroom, and an unusual fox hunt—they have to deal with animosity, jealousy and the dropping of inhibitions, as all of them grow in their knowledge of a lifestyle which is exciting, yet challenging.

Just as the dynamics of their threesome change considerably, a further surprise awaits them at the end of the weekend.

Review on I was transfixed on what I was reading, it had an escape quality. You are drawn into the story. Gave the book 5 stars for stellar writing and exceptional character development. I was hooked. Jennifer Denys, bravo more please!

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