Monday, 27 April 2015

How an English country manor became the Manor of Decadence

How an English country mansion became the Manor of Decadence

When I decided to set my latest series in an English country mansion it was to provide a setting that was secluded for BDSM activities and large enough for lots of visitors. Little did I realise what wonderful double entendres it was going to generate.

For instance, there is a scene where they attend a workshop on cropping and it takes place in the stables (naturally – except there are no horses in sight. The riding crop is used on a submissive).

The heroine and her husband, James, take up the opportunity of a private tutorial in the Master’s study – and he certainly makes it clear what is expected of them.

The following day they find a swing hung from a huge oak tree in a secluded garden. This swing is not intended for children as it has shackles attached – and has a horizontal bed anyway. Once the heroine is in place then a branch from a nearby tree provides a suitable switch to use against Caroline’s exposed butt.

Later on, our twosome and the man who becomes the third in their menage, Mark, watch a branding session in the forge showing how a willing submissive can demonstrate their commitment to their Dominant.

Add to that a ball in the ballroom – where the emphasis is on a certain part of a man’s body. The only music that takes place are the cries of people climaxing.

Paddling in the boathouse where James discovers how to use everyday objects in their play.

And a fox hunt around the estate – with the Dominants hunting the submissives and a gala dinner where the dinner is eaten off the subs.

Those are just a few of the activities that takes place in ‘BDSM Weekend’. To enhance the story there is a map at the beginning of the novel.

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