Monday, 20 April 2015

Something you never knew about me....

Something you never knew about me….

I make my own badges. I began this to give out for promotional purposes. So I have ones with my book covers on:

ones with quotes over one of my photos,

The templates are clearer to see:

or just plain quotes on coloured background. There are badges aimed at writers:

I’m writing
a book.
I’ve got
the page
numbers done

Or at readers:

A Room
Without Books
is a body
without soul

Or for sex lovers:

Sex without
Love is

Or just plain nice quotes:

It doesn’t
Cost anything
Extra to
be nice!

For the forthcoming Smut by the Sea event in Scarborough next month, I have stuck a badge onto each one of my bookmarks trying to match the quote with the book, eg,

If you obey
All the rules,
You miss
All the fun

(on a bookmark of ‘Retraining the Sub’)


There is no
friend as loyal
as a book

(on a bookmark of ‘Just Good Friends’)