Monday, 14 May 2012

Blog Hop Day 1: places to have sex

This is the first day of my blog hop to celebrate the release of two books this month - Friend or Foe and The Sub Who Switched both available from and out on Amazon in about a month. They are the final books in their series ‘Friends & Acquaintances’ and ‘Doms & Acquaintances’.

Each day this week I am highlighting a different theme from my stories. Read down to the end because there is a chance to win a prize.

‘Boinking’: where have my characters had sex and what is the most unusual place to ‘boink’?
I was asked this question when I was interviewed last week on Erin Leaf’s blog – at least what the most unusual place was for my characters to ‘boink’. Thinking about it I realised that they generally ‘boink’ in the bed (how boring of me!) ,but these are the ‘other places’ I have had them do it:

  • On a rug - Just Good Friends
  • In a restaurant (at least the hero fingering the heroine until she climaxed) – Just Good Friends
  • In the garden (although this was just a sensual massage) – The Submission Challenge
  • In space (actually on Earth, but the heroine was helping the hero write an erotic romance set in space and they were enacting some of the scenes. It wasn’t easy recreating a spaceship in a standard apartment – a chest had to double up as the ship’s console!!) – Friendly Seduction
  • On a table (the hero fingering the heroine to climax) - Friendly Seduction
  • They also did it on a rug, which clearly seems to be a theme for me! – Friendly Seduction
  • In a hotel (they were at a Beginners’ BDSM conference held in a hotel) – Submissive Training
  • In a chair in a reception room at the hotel (the hero masturbated in said chair – Submissive Training
  • Over a spanking bench – Submissive Training
  • On top of a piano (at least they got hot and bothered even if the heroine pushed the hero away before it got too far) – Friend or Foe
  • In a car – Friend or Foe
  • In a petal-filled bath – Friend or Foe
  • In a sex club (this was one of the main characters only and not with the other!) – The Sub Who Switched
  • And, guess what, on the carpet! – The Sub Who Switched

The thing to comment about that penultimate one is that it is illegal in the UK to have sex in public so I made it that their act was also against the club’s rules, despite the book not particularly being set in any one country, although I am sure there are States in the US where it is also illegal to have sex in the public areas of a club.

Places in other books I have written which are yet to be published include in a barn (Wife for Three coming out in late June) and in a hill fort but I can see I need to be more inventive about places around the home like over a sofa, against a wall, in a shower……..

So, do leave me a comment telling me the most unusual place you have had sex, heard about, or read in other authors’ books. I will choose the most interesting comment each day and the winner will win a free PDF copy of one of my books (see full list on Check back on Sunday when I have have a list of the winners.

And don’t forget to come back tomorrow when the theme is ‘Sex Toys’.

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  1. That's a lot of rugs... Well, whatever works, right? :D

    You haven't done a shower scene yet? That's a must! We all like our guys to be squeaky clean. Nam.

  2. Heh . . . you are giving me ideas ;-)

  3. Hahaha my husband is very indulgent when it comes to the weird places I come up with to have sex. We once did it in broad daylight, in the water, with people everywhere. How many times have you seen a couple embracing in the water? It makes you think of it differently. :) We were pretty far out so no chance of any kiddos seeing. Thank you, I had fun. Don't put me in for the contest, I have them all. Have a great day!

  4. Wow! Great post. I can name a few places where my characters have had sex, but please don't ask me to name them. With over 40 releases under my proverbial belt, I can't name the titles.

    A list of places where my characters have 'boinked' include rivers, lakes, pools, hot tubs, a desk, on top of a dresser, a counter top, in front of an aduience, a table, against a wall over the back of a couch and on a riverbank.

    I'm sure I've forgotten a couple and there may be a few of those that are in books written with my ex-writing partner. Unfortunately, the books written with her are no longer available.

    I do know the exhibition scene is in one of the Triad series stories, which are no longer available.

    I try to keep my scenes fresh, by giving my characters unusual personalities and unique situations. One of the best wasy to do that is to find unusual places where they can cosummate their love.

    Again, great post, Jennifer!

  5. I love it when my characters do it where they work...*blushes* that usually sets the scene. The prep table in a kitchen was probably by far my favorite to write. :o)

  6. Thanks to everyone who has left a comment today. I will pick a winner for each day on Sunday so anyone else reading this post after today, please continue to leave comments you can still win the prize. The comments been terrific so far!

  7. In my latest Siren Release, Heart's Ultimatum, my characters did it in the princpal's office of a school (the hero's the principal) and over a kitchen counter. In the next book in the series they have sex in a resturant bathroom and center stage (the book revolves around a production of shakespeare in the park, so there really is a stage). In fact the more I think about it, the more I realize my characters don't often do it in a bed. Off to work on that now :D