Friday, 12 April 2013

Flash Fiction Fridays

For those of you who have read my ‘Friends & Acquaintances series’ and the ‘Doms & Acquaintances’ series know that they have cross over characters.

I have plans to do one final book bringing together all six couples but ten years on so we can see how their lives have gone…. Or not gone as they planned! (Naturally it has NOT gone as they planned).

Here is an extract from the opening chapter of my work in progress. I am aiming to get this one finished and out around Christmas, but remember it could well change by then!


A Champagne Friday Reunion
Copyright Jennifer Denys 2013

“Are any of us actually having sex?”

All the other five women in the room turned to Gina. But no-one replied. They all knew the answer—none of them. They knew Gina wasn’t getting any as she and her husband, Dan, had split up just a few months earlier over money issues when Dan had lost his job. Gina earned some money from the books she wrote, but not enough for Dan to be out of work and things were tight—and tense.

It was a Friday in early December and it was the annual meeting of the Champagne Friday group. Six female friends who had all eventually found love with someone they all knew or were acquainted with. At first they had met up for regular Friday evenings but over the course of the years husbands, families, jobs and other commitments kept them apart and now ten years later they met just once a year.

“Someone please tell me you are getting laid,” begged Rebecca forlornly. “I know you used to enjoy the challenges Jon used to make me go through, but sex has become boring. I now live vicariously through you all.” It didn’t help that he had had a heart attack and was scared of sexual intercourse.

There was still no response.

She tried again. “Lissa surely you’ve written something erotic?” Lissa was an erotic romance writer. She had met her husband, Matt, when she helped him make his sci-fi story more erotic and appealing to female readers. Unfortunately, she had enjoyed the experience so much she had started writing her own stories and had become more successful than him. And he wasn’t a happy bunny.

Lissa ducked her head. “Not lately. We had a huge fight after a book signing. So haven’t been in the mood—for writing or sex. What about you, Jessie? You’re surely having sex all the time with all the kids you’ve got.” There was a slight edge of bitterness to Lissa’s voice as she asked the question. She and Matt had always wanted kids, but she was just too busy.

“Oh heavens. We may have a large brood but there just doesn’t seem to be time to make love any more, one of the kids is always around. We never get any privacy.” Jessie and Sam had started having kids straight away since Jessie was in her late thirties and they had enjoyed it so much they kept on having them—all five, including eight year old twins.

Ellie turned to Kat. “What about you, sweetie? I know you and Ben divorced, but have you found anyone else?” Kat and Ben and grown apart as the BDSM life palled for her and she resented being Ben’s submissive. When he suggested their marriage went the way of the ‘swinging’ lifestyle and that they invited another woman into their bed it had been the end of their marriage.

Kat shrugged. “Nobody for long. And nobody exciting.”

“You mean not as exciting as Ben.” Kat winced and everyone knew Ellie had hit the nail on the head.

“Well come on then, last as usual, Ellie,” declared Gina. “Please tell us you and Nick are hitting the sack. This time last year you were trying yet another method to get pregnant.”

A gasp resounded as she said this. Ellie may have been desperate to become pregnant but nothing had ever worked. Out of them all she, Lissa and Kat hadn’t had children—Lissa hadn’t had the time and Kat never wanted kids. Jessie had her large brood, Rebecca was happy with her one son, and Gina had three—all of whom added to her increasing money worries.

Gina moved to hug Ellie and apologize for putting her foot in it. “Don’t worry. If it’s meant to be it will happen. But the ‘breeding program’ as Nick called it rather took the fun out of our lovemaking and so we haven’t wanted to do anything in months.”

Rebecca looked around the group of forlorn women. “Look at us. When we all met and married our men we were so happy, with so many dreams for what our lives were going to be like. And now we are average statistics for why marriages aren’t working.”

There was a loud clamor as everything tried to protest.

She continued, “Oh come on. We’ve had separation due to money worries. That’s Gina.” She looked at Gina before gesturing at Jessie who was sitting next to Gina. “Jessie with children getting in the way. Then Ellie with her problems getting pregnant. Kat with ‘other women’ problems leading to divorce. Me will illness leading to boredom. The only thing we haven’t had is death of a spouse—thank God!”

“You know, she’s right,” said Jessie quietly in the silence that followed. “I propose that by this time next year we all aim to tell of our terrific experiences in bed. Well, at least one really good night of sex with our partners. And those with no current partner can at least regale us with details of their new ones!”

“Yeah, why not!”

“Can do.”

“No prob.”


“Shit. I’ll just sit on Jon.”

Laughter grew at Rebecca’s suggestion of how she could get Jon back in her bed.

All six women left that evening with a renewed vigor. But all six were also wary at the same time about how they were going accomplish this. It was one thing to agree to it verbally in the heat of the moment, and quite another to actually do it.


  1. Can't wait to read more..... thanks. Jennifer. oh, and.... get busy!

    1. Haha! Thanks. I need to finish Retraining the Dom first!

  2. This book sounds really good!