Monday, 8 April 2013

Inspirational Mondays - the Alternative Dictionary for Erotic Writers

This is the Alternative Dictionary for Erotic Writers - in my genre we seem to have developed an alternative dictionary, particularly if you write BDSM like I have done for some of my books.......

Auction – no cows involved but there might be some bitches
Basque – is not only a place in Spain
Big – this is not describing the hero as fat but is a very important description for the hero
Cheek – lower down than the face
Clamp – this is not taking place in a woodworking shop
Collar – not worn by dogs or vicars or men in suits
Come – you are not calling for your dog!
Cougar – not a wild animal (you may be wild, though)
Cream – not the food, but can be delicious
Dick – not Richard
Handcuffs – the main characters go nowhere near a police station
Hot – does not refer to the weather!
Ice – not used for putting into drinks
M/M – not a type of sweet/candy
Paddle – the main characters are not in a boat when this is used
Plug – not used for a bath or a sink although does the same job
Pussy – not a pet that purrs (you may be purring if you are petted though)
Rabbit – yes it jumps around but doesn’t beg for carrot
Red – a colour, but more than a colour
Spoon – not the cutlery
St Andrews Cross – is not only on a flag
Submit – I am not referring to sending in my books for consideration to my publisher
Suck – no lollipops in sight
Thrust – no fencing in sight but your hero might make use of his own sword
Topping – is not referring to cakes

Feel free to add your own!



  1. Too damn funny. Is is sad that i understood all of the references?