Friday, 26 April 2013

Rabbit Fridays

I am afraid all my first chapters, free reads and extracts from work-in-progress have come to an end so from now on I am going to do Rabbit Fridays from now on.

Why rabbits? Well, you may remember I have a rabbit who dominates my household!! I also have some writer friends who also have rabbits who own them……. (that was deliberately worded!)

However, if any other writer or book lover is thinking of allowing a rabbit into their house beware…. Be very very AWARE:

There are rabbits who eat your royalty statements

There are rabbits who distract you from your writing (or reading!) demanding attention


There are rabbits who eat your books

And then there are rabbits who hide behind curtains when they’ve finished eating thinking you won’t notice them……

Thanks to fellow writer Tatum Throne for the third picture which is of Coco! I have been promised it wasn’t an important book.



  1. Too cute, funny bunnies... Thanks for sharing. Happy Friday!

  2. Thanks for having Coco on your blog! :o) He really does own me. LOL...