Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Menage Romances Fans' Awards 2015

Yay! Thanks to all my lovely readers. Several of my books have been nominated in the Ménage Romances Fan’s Awards for 2015 in no fewer than eight categories!

Bounty Hunters’ Captive is in Contemporary Ménage Romances category/Sci-fi or space opera Ménage Romances/Light Bondage Ménage Romances and Straight Characters in Ménage Romances

Torn Between Two Lovers is in Fantasy, Paranormal Ménage Romances (it is a werewolf story) and Shape Shifters Ménage Romances

Alien Manhunt 1 is in Gay Characters in Ménage Romances


Alien Manhunt 2 is in Anthologies or Short Stories Ménage Romances

I would appreciate any votes you can give me (PS you can vote as many times as you like!!) – here is the link:

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