Friday, 13 March 2015

Weekend Reading

It’s a sci-fi fest whether you are after alien princes, colonists or Nasa researchers, take your pick!

Title of book: Ruled
Name of author: J. J. Lore

Genre: Sci-fi erotic romance

Description of main characters: Edem: an Alphan prince, golden skinned with black horns. He’s impulsive, passionate, and slightly spoiled.

Mallet: Edem’s bondmate and bodyguard. Muscular and golden-skinned as well, he’s much more cautious and decisive.

Corrine: a young human woman who works in a soup kitchen. She has grey eyes and long blonde hair she keeps tucked up under her chef’s toque.

Setting: Earth of the future and on an Alphan spaceship

Length: 136 pages

Blurb: Two high ranking Alphan males are visiting Earth incognito on a fact-finding mission. What they discover is the woman who is the perfect mate to them both. Bonding with her is a threat to the throne of Alpha, but it’s a risk they’re willing to take.

What’s hot?: Intimacy in an enormous tub on board the royal spaceship. (Good thing the artificial gravity was working!)

Title of book: Wife for Three

Name of author: Jennifer Denys

Genre: Sci-fi/futuristic/ménage

Description of main characters:

Brianna Thrope, just about to turn 23, brown eyes, long dark blonde hair, small about 5ft 3in, average weight. Pretty with heart shaped face and a lovely smile, good figure, big bust.

Adam Hollis, 35, blue eyes, very fair hair, the tallest of the brothers at 6ft 3in, well muscled. He is brooding, moody, silent type. Well tanned since he works outdoors.

Curt Hollis, 30, pale blue eyes, very dark brown hair, the slightest of the brothers so about 5ft 11in and not as well muscled as the other two. Curt is impatient and cocky type. Well tanned as his brothers.

Eric Hollis, 26, gray eyes, light brown hair, about 6ft 1in, stockier than Adama. Eric is sweet and fun loving. Smiles a lot, caring. Well tanned as his brothers.

Setting:  on the planet of Duoterra

Length: 37,500

Blurb: Advert: Three brothers want a wife to share. On colony planet, Duoterra, single women have to sign marriage contracts with one or more men. With her uncle making a deal to sell her, Brianna runs away but is life with three unknown men any better and will her uncle catch up?

What's Hot?: Sex in a barn amongst the haystacks

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Title of book:  Captive (Titan Year 3)

Name of author: Tatum Throne

Genre: Sci-fi/MM

Description of main characters:

Xand Lume: Height: 6'5", Gray eyes, Black hair. Turitan Alien.

Jaxon Montero: Height: 5'10", Blue eyes, Black hair.

Kevin Prophet: Height 5'9", Blue eyes, Blond hair.

Setting: Deep space/Earth

Length: 37,500


NASA researches Jaxon Montero and Kevin Prophet have been abducted and held captive by aliens. They are now in the fight of their lives.

Xand Lume is the commander of the Titus, a scientific vessel sent out from his home world to find compatible life to mate with. Unable to deny his need to have the males, he seduces both of them.

What’s hot?: Sex in an observatory in deep space.

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  1. I have read Wife for Three and really enjoyed it!! Ruled and Captive sound like really good sci-fi books also!