Monday, 16 March 2015

Something you never knew about me....

Something you never knew about me…..

I collect foreign dolls. It began when I was about 8 and my cousin bought me a set of six foreign dolls in a box. One of those mass-produced doll sets, none of which came from their original country!

Over the years I collected a huge number from all parts of the globe (not that I’ve visited every corner of the world but I asked people to get me a doll if they were going somewhere I didn’t have one from – I particularly liked to get them from the proper country).

I had a clear out about 10 years ago and gave a number of ‘repeat’ dolls (the mass produced type ones!) to a colleague’s young daughter but I still have about fifty left.

This picture is of a few of them from countries such as China, Korea, India, Fiji, New Zealand, Aruba (I think), Russia, Poland, Greece, Spain, Holland … and closer to home the hairy barbarian from Scotland!


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