Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Alien Manhunt - winner of Best Gay Heroes award

Further to my fabulous news about winning three awards in the Ménage Romances Fans’ Awards (thanks to all my wonderful fans), here is the third book I am highlighting:

Alien Manhunt’ – winner of the Ménage Romances Fans’ Awards – Best Gay Heroes characters (which was also a runner up in the Futuristic and Romance on the Go series categories for Evernight Readers’ Awards a few months ago)

This story came to be in a dream one night. Really! I woke up having just dreamt it and immediately thought, “What a great short story that would be.” I had never intended to be a short story writer because it takes a totally different skill to writing novellas – you can’t tell the whole journey of their romance, just an episode within it.

But I just had to write it up, pretty much as I dreamt it with lots more detail – although I added a third character at some stage.

Having finished it, though, I was sorry to let the characters go so soon and when readers indicated they wanted to know what happens next, I decided to write a sequel, ‘Alien Manhunt 2’.

There will be an ‘Alien Manhunt 3’ which will come out later this year – just to round off the story. Three aliens, three planets.

But back to AM 1 – here is the blurb: Abducted and forced to run for his life in a manhunt comprised entirely of human men, Greg spies the two aliens fiercely competing to capture him, and he begins to lust after both of them. Taran, a hunky humanoid/reptilian, and Suva, a tall, beautiful, slender creature, are both desperate to get to the human first, while being attracted to each other. Back on Earth Greg was the dominant one, but the situation has changed now. What do they want with him? Sell him, torture him or make him into their sex slave? Each one keeps their innermost desires secret. But is the truth finally out?

Reviews include: This is the first book I have had the pleasure reading by Jennifer Denys, definitely will be reading much more. Gave the book 5 stars because I loved the ménage relationship between the men...scorching!

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