Monday, 23 March 2015

Bounty Hunters Captive - winner of Best Sci-fi award

Further to my fabulous news about winning three awards in the Ménage Romances Fans’ Awards (thanks to all my wonderful fans), here is the first book I am highlighting:

Bounty Hunters’ Captive’ – winner of the Ménage Romances Fans’ Awards – Best Sci-fi (it also came runner up in Best Light Bondage and Best Straight Characters categories).

This story came out of a much earlier contemporary book, ‘Friendly Seduction’ in which a sci-fi writers enlists the help of a friend to add more sex into the sci-fi he is writing and in doing so they fall in love.

‘Bounty Hunters’ Captive’ is the story they wrote and I always felt it would be good to write it for real. What I wasn’t reckoning on was making it into a series, however, Tianna, the sister of one of the heroes, went and got herself kidnapped, too (believe me, the characters do it all themselves whether we want them to do it or not!). So BHC became the first of a new series called ‘Captured in Space’. I am working on the second one as we speak – title still to be decide, but something like ‘Captive of Two Imperial Princes’ and it will be Tianna’s story. This one will be finished in the next couple of months.

Meanwhile, back to BHC – what I loved about this was adding in sci-fi references (being a sci-fi geek myself) so there are references to:

Star Trek (Prime Directive)
Star Wars (Naboon)
Babylon 5 (De Lenn)
Forbidden Planet (Krellim)
Battlestar Gallactica (Dagget)
War of the Worlds (spaceship with three wings)
Dune (Melange)
Dr Who (Gallifris)
Stargate (Chulluk)
The Thing from Outer Space (flesh eating plants)
Superman (Krypton rock)
2001 A Space Odyssey (Hal) ……. To name but a few

(Most of the words I use are slightly altered from the original, afterall, we are talking about a galaxy far far away …..)

Anyhow this is the blurb: Garin Avon is a rugged bounty-hunter in space who has a mission to find a contracted sex slave, the beautiful Felissa Delenn, who has run-away from her master. He has secret reasons, more than just the credits he will earn—to get vital information. Meanwhile, he has to contend with his double-crossing ex-partner, fun-loving Rayn Dargo. They join forces, but on the journey home they go through various adventures with pirates, aliens, and meteorites, amongst others. Both of the men begin to fall for sassy, smart-talking Felissa. She takes advantage of this using her skills to try to persuade them not to send her back to her vile owner. This sets the two bounty-hunters at each other’s throats. Will they return her to a life she only undertook for dire reasons, even though, for Garin, it is vital he returns her? And if they keep her, will she run away from them?

Reviews include: This book was really good. Garin, Rayn, and Felissa had a lot of funny moments and I found myself laughing out loud at stuff they said.

Here are a few of my favourite funny snippets from the story:

“Well, for Christ’s sake, Garin, what are you waiting for? Go and kill it with a neck pinch or light saber or something!”
Glancing up he could see the green giant rising to his feet as Felissa ran by him. “Shit!” He turned and quickly caught up with her.
She screamed at him. “He’s still following! Why didn’t you do something?”
“You’ve been watching too much sci-fi. I’m getting out of here.”

Felissa’s foot was injured,” Garin lamely explained.
His partner raised an eyebrow. “Really? And you were mending her with your dick, eh? I’ll have to remember that remedy in future.”

Pointing at the screen, Garin demanded, “There. Hit it dead center with the photons and it will set off a wormhole.”
Felissa goggled at him with incredulity. “Won’t that just blow it up along with everything else in the universe, and obliterate all mankind, or turn into a black hole, or something?”
He nearly smiled. “What did I tell you about your love of sci-fi?”

Rayn groaned, and huskily said, “Garin, for crying out loud, do something or she will kill me.”
Garin loomed above them, his arms crossed, wryly retorting, “Well, you are horizontal already, so that makes death easier.”

“Thought you were too tired, Garin,” queried Rayn teasingly as his heavy breathing started to ease.
His partner grunted. “I had to do something to exhaust her. Otherwise she’ll hit the warp booster by mistake, and we’d end up at the ends of the universe.”

If you are still interested here are some buy links:

Tomorrow I will highlight ‘Torn Between Two Lovers’ winner of Best Paranormal story.


  1. I really enjoyed this book! It did have some laugh out loud moments and great quotes.