Friday, 27 March 2015

Weekend Reading

Meddling alpha wolves, fashion icons and princes – our true loves come in all sorts!

Title of book: Resisting the Alpha

Name of author: Jessica Coulter Smith

Genre: Paranormal

Description of main characters:

Micah Smythe - Over 6 feet, shaggy dark hair, muscular, alpha wolf

Bridget Donohue - A little over five feet, long dark hair, full kissable lips, and attitude for miles

Setting: Present day in a small paranormal town

Length: novella


Bridget Donohue is beyond furious with the meddling alpha of the local wolf pack. He not only crashed her wedding, but scared the groom away. 

Disgruntled by his attraction, Micah Smythe feels the pull but isn’t willing to bite.

What's hot?: Sex in a back alley 

Title of book: Rumpled Between the Sheets

Name of author: Kastil Eavenshade

Genre: Contemporary romance

Description of main characters:

Benjamin Elstiltzkin has gray eyes and dark brown hair. He broad chested form stands six foot tall and is an icon in the fashion industry.

Mary Becken has hazel eyes and blonde hair. Her petite frame is a mere five foot four inches. She's found her calling making fashion for her hometown of Beowulf Hollow.

Setting: 1970s

Length: 28,550 words


Some want to find love at all costs. Some believe there is a cost to find love.

When Mary Becken’s mother passes away, she takes over her tailoring business. Soon her dress shop is swarming with customers and invitations come pouring in for Press Week.

Benjamin Elstiltzkin is ruthless in the fashion world, and no small town upstart is going to dethrone him.

What's hot?: Once their love ignites, no place is safe from their passion—not even the ladies' room during Press Week in New York.

Title of book: Bad Apple
Name of author: Wren Michaels

Genre: Fantasy romance/fairytale retelling

Description of main characters:

Snow White – pale skin, long dark curls, blood red lips

Darien – Irish, dark hair, blue eyes, strong build, prince

Setting: Fairytale castle/haunted woods

Length: Novella – 20,000 words


Snow White has always been pure, but one night gives in to her desires. Prince Darien witnesses her indiscretion, and together they tap into a part of Snow long buried. But Queen Miriam, once betrayed by Snow’s mother, wishes to kill her. Darien must believe in true love’s kiss or lose Snow forever.

What’s hot?: Voyeurism.

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