Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Love & Lust in Space anthology - themes

I recently wrote a guest post for Brit Babes about the themes within the Love & Lust in Space anthology. It was a fun post to write – it can be seen here in full.

These themes include intergalactic relationships; kidnap, abduction and being restrained, naughty astronauts; anti-gravity stories; voyeuristic sex; sex objects; and different sexual cultures.

Read the full post to find out which character is sucked through a wormhole to a world where men are all Doms, who is handcuffed in a virtual reality programme, who wrote a reproduction in space experiment, what the issues might be having antigravity sex, which character danced in a bordello, which author used a sonic dilda’tor in their story (ok – it was me!), and which aliens don’t take love lightly.

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