Wednesday, 16 November 2016

The Sonic Dilda'tor - excerpt

Here is an excerpt from my story in the ‘Love & Lust in Space’ anthology. My story is entitled The Sonic Dilda’tor and is set on an alien planet where Skarlet has found a sex toy which she hopes is the answer to her relationship issues with her husband Braemel. The only problem is – it is banned on that planet!

Skarlet took the Dilda’tor into the bedroom. She still didn’t know what it did that was so special. As she settled in a chair fiddling with the controls, the head of the tool touched her leg and Skarlet jumped.
            “Holy hell!” It was like her thigh had just had an orgasm—the nerve endings were practically fizzing and she didn’t even need semen inside her!
            Getting excited by the prospect she then placed it on one of her breasts and gasped as both her nipples instantly jutted out, begging for ministration.
            Skarlet quickly jerked her top down, hooking it under her breast, freeing one globe. With some hesitation, she slowly placed the head of Dilda’tor against the eager nipple, her hand shaking as she did.
            “Yowch!” Her chest shot up and she nearly left the chair as the most exquisite burst of electricity tore through her body. It didn’t hurt, yet it stimulated every nerve ending. “Oh shimmering God of all creation. That was fantastic.”
            Her body thrummed with anticipation. If it was doing that to her already, what would it be like if it touched her sexual organs. Only one way to find out!
            Biting her lip as trepidation mingled with excitement, Skarlet let her thighs fall apart. As usual, for her people—albeit not the Vulvanians—she was naked beneath her dress and she placed the object gently against her clit.
            Having an inclination of what to expect this time she kept the Dilda’tor against her genitals, gritting her teeth against the sensations bombarding her body as her climax rose at an astounding rate. It wasn’t the highest level orgasm, but it was close.
            Lifting her legs over the arms of the chair to get more freedom, she continued holding the device against her now-sensitised organ as her back arched and her butt came off the seat.
            At the same moment as her climax split the air the door opened and in came Braemel, who stood frozen to the spot, the door still ajar.

            “What exactly are you doing, Skarlet?”

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