Monday, 28 November 2016

Naughty Christmas Wishes

I posted the first chapter of ‘Naughty Christmas Wishes’ on Monday. This story came out last December and I had SUCH fun writing it!

I love the concept of our Christmas decorations and all the other Christmas characters such as elves actually being alive but pretending to humans that they aren’t!

But because they are paranormal they can get up to all sorts that you can’t include in a contemporary story – such as not needing lube when having sex with four hunky elves! It was also good to have an older heroine for a change.

I also had great fun incorporating all sorts of Christmas carols and tunes into the text such as looking at the scene outside the window and declaring it is ‘a winter wonderland’.

Here’s the blurb:

You should be careful what you wish for... Fay is a Christmas fairy who has been with the same family for many years and gets her kicks watching the mother and father have sex on the sofa—although she despairs about their lack of variety. But this year she is replaced by a shiny new angel.

Depressed at being discarded, and no-one with whom to spend Christmas, Fay goes to a paranormal bar on Christmas Eve and sees four handsome (and young!) elves who have just finished their duties for that year. She makes a wish they all ignore how old she is and is delighted when her wish gets granted. So she makes more wishes—naughty wicked ones!

Find out if they all come true!


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