Monday, 7 November 2016

Love & Lust in Space

‘Love & Lust in Space’ is out on Thursday! Do come and join us for our Facebook party on Saturday 8-midnight UK time (3-7pm CST).

In the meantime, I asked each of the authors in the anthology to name their favourite sci-fi film/show. Here are their answers:

Rose - I’m a huge superhero fan, so my top is a tie between Arrow and The Flash (they basically count as the same show, seeing as they crossover all the time, anyway!) For a more traditionally sci-fi style show, I have to go with Firefly.

Dee - I’ve adored the haunting noir elegance of Blade Runner for decades, along with its thought-provoking themes of artificial intelligence and emotion.

Bev - Babylon 5 for the varied characters, Battleship Galactica for the story premise.

Ashe - Er, no-brainer. Star Trek. I loved the original series, as well as the films and spin-offs. My favourite captain of the Enterprise was Jean-Luc Picard because he just seemed so cool to me, the perfect Dom – calm, unflappable and utterly in control.

Ian - My fond childhood memories are of TV shows, mostly ones only shown in the UK, I guess - Dr Who, Space Patrol, Supercar, Fireball XL5, Stingray, Thunderbirds, Lost In Space, Captain Scarlet, UFO, Star Trek. I don't really have a favourite sci-fi film, as I enjoy a lot of them (mostly for the story rather than the "science" or the futuristic or out-of-this-world setting). But I saw 2001 when I was in my teens, probably the first "grown up" sci-fi film I saw, and so was influential. There's one I don't know the title of I'd love to see, which I only caught a short scene from, which was set on the Moon, with a low-gravity wild-west style bar brawl I'm told was excellent.

Dylan - Wow. Too many to choose from. I do have every episode of Star Trek voyager on VHS, a collection of over 100 Star Trek magazines, Star Trek coffee mug, badges, costumes… Oh, and I knitted a full set of Star Trek original crew dolls!

Jen – I am a sci-fi nerd so, although I love all the sci-fi shows and films, I am going with some classic sci-fi films: ‘The Day the World Stood Still’ and ‘Forbidden Planet’. Fabulous!

Jordan - Not sure if it counts, but I am a big fan of Futurama.

Morgan - Nooooo…how can I choose! I have so many favourites. As a child it was always Star Trek. I matured into Babylon 5. Love lots more though. Can I have a favourite film too? If I can, of the top of my head it would be, Strange Days it’s now retro not just sexy!

Ella - When I was growing up I loved watching Farscape. My favorite at the moment is Killjoys, which is where I got the bounty hunter idea for my story.
H K - I am obsessed with Haven. Unfortunately, the show just wrapped the final season but you can always binge-watch.

More fun sci-fi questions & answers - such as if they were an alien who would they be, what method of transport would they use, and so on - can be found on KD Grace’s blog on 11th.

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  1. I'm so excited to read this one! Congrats on the new release to all the authors involved! :o) Have a great weekend!