Monday, 13 February 2012

Inspirational Mondays

Since I don't have a husband or boyfriend the inspiration for my heroes has to come from those I see in TV or films. George Clooney gets several mentions! But if I was to have an identikit ideal man this is something of what he would look like:

Face - George Clooney (naturally)
Eyes - if not George's then Paul Newman's
Smile - that of Robert Redford
Voice - Richard Burton
Height - Rock Hudson
Chest - Sean Connery (in his heyday as Bond)
Legs - Brad Pitt's (when he was in Troy)
Hips - Patrick Swayze (when in Dirty Dancing)
Bum - Dolph Lungren (didn't we see this in Universal Soldier?)
Dick - I'll come back to that
Sexual magnetism - you can't beat Richard Gere
Kisses - not that I have been subject to any but I love the way Tom Cruise kisses in films
Okay, the Dick - Hm, well, since full frontal nudity isn't allowed in films (or rarely) I can't say I've seen this part of any of the above. Ask me again when I have....


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