Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Wednesday writing - Submissive Training release day

Submissive Training has now been released for sale - - and as promised here is an extract:

Deciding to stir them up, he suddenly flicked the crop in his hand so it cut across the quiet with a crack. Pretty much everyone jumped and then laughed in embarrassment.
“This, in case you have forgotten, is a crop. The sub restrained here is Erica, who has been very naughty according to her Dom, Master Gary over there, as she keeps ‘coming’ without permission. He has therefore authorized twenty strikes.”
There was a gasp as the crowd took this in. Clearly they thought this was excessive. He glanced at Kat’s face. She was biting her bottom lip, but her eyes looked bright and excited.
“Hands up, how many of you think twenty is too many?” He waited patiently for about half the class to raise their hands. He noted with surprise that Kat wasn’t one of them. “And what about you, Erica, do you think twenty is too many?”
The restrained woman chuckled. “No, Sir. Not nearly enough.”
“In that case, what do you think, Master Gary? Should we raise the total, say to twenty-five?”
“I suspect you are playing into her hands,” was the wry answer as Gary clearly thought she had said that to get more erotic punishment. “But by all means, give her the extra.”
As everyone was looking toward Master Gary, they were all startled when Ben suddenly whipped the crop at Erica’s buttocks, forcing a cry from her which was echoed around the room as the attention of the students was brought back to him, just as he had intended.

* * * *

Kat had jumped when he hit Erica but stifled an exclamation, unlike Ellie next to her who had also grabbed Kat’s arm startling her as she did.
As Ben continued with four more hits to Erica’s buttocks, followed by five to the backs of her thighs, Kat was hard-pressed not to flinch with every hit. She looked closely at Erica’s face. She might be crying out with every hit—which were a hell of a lot harder than the flogging given to Celia earlier, much to Kat’s surprise—but her face seemed to show pleasure not pain.
Ben came around to the front of the frame. He took a moment to remove his jacket and roll up his sleeves.
“It isn’t advisable to give a sub all their strokes in one go. A good Dom will take his time giving the sub a moment to recover from the first lot before continuing. That is the real reason I have taken this opportunity to remove my jacket and roll up my sleeves. Another way might be to turn away to talk to someone, take a sip of water, check on bindings, and so on. At the same time as letting the sub recover, it also gives time for their arousal to build, their tension to increase.”
At that moment he raised the crop and hit her on the front of her thighs this time, another five. He stopped again.
Wondering which parts of her body Erica preferred being hit, Kat watched closely.
“Tell me, Erica,” asked Ben. “Which area hurts the most so far?”
Kat started. It was almost as if he had read her mind.


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