Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Wednesday writing - sales

The sales of my books have proved an interesting study. In the first one (Just Good Friends) I emphasised in the blurb that there is light BDSM including spanking and sex toys, despite it being more of a romantic comedy, and sales were not bad for a first book.

The second book (The Submission Challenge - the first in the Doms series) was a study of someone discovering BDSM and the words bondage, whipping and sex toys were used in the blurb, and as such sales were double that of the first book. Of course it could just have been that my readership was starting to grow.

I now know this was not necessarily the case because the third book was back to the Friends series and a romantic comedy (Friendly Seduction) and I very much emphasised the comedic qualities in the story, despite it having some light BDSM again and the words whipping and sex toys were included and sales have been pathetic, about a third down on what even the first one took.

In some ways this is sad because this was my favourite one to write! But people don’t read the genre of erotic romances because they want comedy. So hopefully the next book (Submissive Training) which is out in two weeks (available for pre-order very shortly) will see the sales doing better as it is the next one in the Doms series and the most intense one I have written.

(But I am not holding out hope for the last in the Friends series - Friend or Foe - out in May because that is back to the romantic comedies. I will just have to be careful how I write the blurb!).


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