Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Wednesday writing - news

Two bits of news:

Firstly - Friendly Seduction is now on and . As previously mentioned sales did not do particularly well on the publisher’s website so we’ll see if it does better on Amazon!

Secondly – the last in the Doms series The Sub Who Switched has just been accepted by Siren for release in late May! I am so pleased because that completes both interlocking sets of series – the Friends’ and the Doms’. In some ways it feels rather sad – the ‘baby has left home’ syndrome; having spent all that time creating these characters (the main characters appeared as secondary characters in the other stories in each series). I do have plans to do a ‘ten years on’ type story to bring together all six couples where life (and their sex lives) has not necessarily gone as they planned and it is about how they all recreate the magic that made them fall in love in the first place. So watch this space for that one – I have other stories I am writing in the meantime so it won’t be the next one out.


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