Monday, 6 February 2012

Inspirational Mondays - getting ideas for stories

The inspiration today comes from Star Trek (yes I am a Trekkie!). I am going to paraphrase the opening words from this show and compare it to writing:

Writing - the final frontier. These are the voyages of the author, Jennifer. Her continuing mission to explore strange new worlds (stories including aliens, werewolves and dragons!). To seek out new life (creating new characters) and new civilizations (building your world whether it be that of wolves, aliens or just to settings for contemporary books), to boldly go where she’s never been before (in other words come up with new story ideas!)

And that is the crux of today’s question. Where do you get the new story ideas from? And I can’t give a definitive answer. I can be daydreaming as I walk down the street and something will come to me, or I might be reading someone else’s story and my mind will go off on a tangent and come up with a story different to the one I am reading (or even watching something on the TV might spark my imagination). And it might be real life experiences that I want to merge into the story (like when I had nude photos taken which I have included in my latest book about to be submitted to the publisher!), or it could just come to me as I am typing away on my laptop.

Wherever your story idea comes from keep a notepad handy (particularly by your bed for those middle of the night ideas).


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