Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Wednesday writing - Submissive Training is now out

Submissive Training is now available for pre-order as an e-book (release date 15 February) from . This is the second book in the Doms & Acquaintances series and we follow the fortunes of Kat (the sister of Rebecca who was the heroine in the first book in this series, The Submission Challenge).

Despairing of Dominant Ben showing an interest in her Kat is persuaded by a friend to attend a beginners’ submissive and BDSM training conference in the hope of finding out how to attract him but is shocked to find he is one of the trainers. Meanwhile, Ben doesn’t think she is submissive enough for him and conceives increasingly intimate tasks to prove he is right, despite admiring her courage in staying.
As the conference progresses Kat is fascinated by what she learns and completes each task hoping all the while to convince him of her submissiveness, although some tasks she finds more difficult than others.
Confused by his growing feelings for her, Ben keeps pushing her away until her tenacity finally wears him down and he insists on her taking a final exam to prove herself. Is this a step too far for Kat? 

I will post an extract next week but I will say this was the most intense of the books I have written and the easiest to write – it just flowed out of me! Maybe that tells you something of my interest in BDSM!


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