Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Wednesday writing

As promised here is an extract from The Sub Who Switched.

Just to remind you of the story – Ellie has declared she wants a Dominant man but Nick is a gentle soul so he takes lessons in how to be more dominant but all along she pushes and goads him not thinking for one instance that he has it in him.

As Ellie stood, naked, in the middle of her lounge, her hands behind her back, one hand gripping the wrist of the other, legs apart, and her pussy being inspected by Nick, she ruminated. Had she really said she wanted to be Nick’s slave? Did she really want to be a sex slave? She admitted to herself that she didn’t particularly, that she had blurted it out to get rid of him, but now she had to go through with it. The question was what would happen afterward?
Her thoughts shattered as Nick rubbed his fingers over her clit, and she sucked in a gasp. Turning her head to look him in the eye, she wondered what he was going to do next.
He raised a brow. “Are you staring at me, slave?”
Nearly laughing at his attempt at a stern voice, she dropped her eyes and, biting her lip to avoid an inappropriate chuckle, responded, “No.”
“I’m glad to hear it.” As he walked away from her, she resisted the urge to move, or at least turn to see what he was doing. A moment later Nick returned, but she was startled when he wrapped something around her neck.
“Wha—” She raised her hands and felt a collar, which he was finishing buckling. She did look at him then inquiringly to ascertain his intentions.
“Ellie, Ellie. You are my slave, remember. And slaves wear collars don’t they?”
“Um, yes. Sure.” Her words didn’t match her movements, though, as she continued to tug on the collar. Both Rebecca and Kat wore necklaces which were their versions of a collar, and Ellie had envied them at the time. But now she was wearing one, it felt odd.
“And with a collar goes a leash,” he said, holding up the said item which she hadn’t seen before.
“You have to be kidding!” Ellie stepped away from him as she said this.
Tilting his head to the side but not following her, he responded, “Arguing with your Dom will only bring you a punishment. Is that what you are after, Ellie?”
“I–er–I–No. Sorry, Nick.”
He sighed. “Is that how you address your Master?”
This time she was stunned into silence. She was not calling him Master. No way. She’d only do that for the person who was her...her Dom. The person who collared her…Could that really be Nick?



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