Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Blog Hop Day 2: sex toys

This is the second day of my blog hop to celebrate the release of two books this month - Friend or Foe and The Sub Who Switched both available from www.bookstrand.com/jennifer-denys and out on Amazon in about a month. They are the final books in the series ‘Friends & Acquaintances’ and ‘Doms & Acquaintances’.
Each day this week I am highlighting a different theme from my stories. Read down to the end because there is a chance to win a prize.

Sex toys: what toys have I included in my books and what would readers suggest is the best one they’ve used or read about?

Sex toys plays an important part in The Sub Who Switched as the hero is taken into a women’s sex shop called Shush which was based on the real life shops in London called Sh! where men are only allowed to enter if accompanied by a woman. They welcome women of all sexual orientations and have had customers up to the age of 88. It is a fabulously friendly shop with very useful classes on the best use of their toys.

I had great fun with this chapter as the hero was terrified when he was taken into the basement describing him feeling that he was deep ‘in the womb of this den of femininity’!

In my books I’ve used: vibrators, rabbits and dildoes; plugs, whips, crops, floggers, paddles and canes; bondage rope, handcuffs and blindfolds; chains and clamps; swings; spreaders; candles; collars and leashes; blow up dolls; and furniture including St Andrew’s Crosses, sawhorses and spanking benches. Many of these may not be described as 'toys' as such but are implements used in BDSM which is the topic for the last day of this blog, but all of them can be bought in shops - if not in Sh! then others.

There are also others I have referred to, but not yet had my characters use, like queening stools. And then there are those I have included that you don’t have to buy in a shop like rulers, pegs and feathers. (In Just Good Friends the hero inventively uses some hair grips for nipple clamps).

The one I want to use in a story at some point is a toy shown to me when I visited Sh! one  time and that is a glass plug which apparently you put in the fridge beforehand and the sensations when it is inserted are said to be amazing. I have yet to buy one to experiment, t but I have tried many of those listed above just so I know what the sensation is like. Having said that it is really difficult to paddle yourself…….

So, do leave me a comment telling me the most unusual sex toy you have used, heard about or read in other authors’ stories. I will choose the most interesting comment each day and the winner will win a free PDF copy of one of my books (see full list on www.bookstrand.com/jennifer-denys). Come back on Sunday when I will have a list of the winners.

And don’t forget to come back tomorrow when the theme is ‘Erotic Movie Scenes’.

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PS Amendment to this blog - Sh! women's shop as mentioned in this blog have offered a prize of a Sh! goodie bag! But I am afraid that is only available if the winner is from the UK because of postal charges. If there are no comments from UK winners today I will choose one from another day for this fabulous prize. For international people - do leave a comment today and you can still win one of my books.


  1. This isn't a toy...more like an aparatus. Some friends of mine put the hooks for their sex swing over their bed under a fake fire alarm. I thought that was creative! :o)

  2. Let's see... mostly I've written about heroes using vibrators, a few butt plugs and some kinky use of a feather. I've mentioned a penis crown but the hero didn't use it. Also I've had the characters use handcuffs.

    I like writing about toys, mostly for the purpose of the hero edging their partner to orgasm. The slow build up always leads to steamy scenes!

    The next book I'm planning to write seems to be going in a more Dom/Sub direction and will probably feature some restraints and maybe a paddle? I'll have to do some...research :)

  3. Thanks to both of you who left comments today. I will pick a winner for each day on Sunday so anyone else reading this post after today, please continue to leave comments you can still win the prize. The comments been terrific so far!

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